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Jan. 3, 2010, 04:35 AM
Best of '09:
This is a toughy. 2009 was a huge year for me - not because I accomplished anything huge, but because I followed my dreams, took chances, and had some fantastic adventures! So, to recap a few:
-I finally got to event!!!
-1st Novice
-Watched the birth of a foal (and one of the low points - holding his mother's head in my lap when she was euthed a few days later :( )
-Got to watch an ICP level 4 clinic at the Law's and meet KO'C! :)
-I was given "the" horse - my dream horse, who I clicked with from ride 1. He was reeeaaaally far out of my price range, but fate worked its magic and his owner gave him to me!!!
-Danny found an amazing home in VA.
way more, I'm sure!!! :)

Goals for '10:
-Finally get TRULY confident over 3' courses.
-GET INTO COLLEGE! Ugh, so stressful. I applied to thirteen schools, hopefully someone takes me :/ It's a little scary when my "safety" is Skidmore! :O
-Non-HR - get the Harry Potter internship! Haha, I applied for an all-expenses-paid internship leading HP-themed tours in England for a month next summer. :)
-Compete Dante at First Level and get decent scores!!!
-Be a WS again.
-LEG POSITION. 'Nuff said.
-Not a goal, but I'm volunteering at WEG - SOOOO excited!!!!!!!!

-Love life. Follow dreams. Do what makes me happy - after all, I've only got one life! :)
-Fix my position. I'm too tall to have a tiny roach or a little leg-slippage.

Jan. 3, 2010, 12:22 PM
2009 high lights:

Found THE perfect stallion for my mare. (OK, maybe not THE perfect, but as perfect as I could find).

FINALLY completed a Training level event. It was more between a training level and novice event, but it still did wonders for my confidence and I can check that off the list. Training was the level I wanted to get to before my mare retires and now I can officially say I completed it! I have come a long way in my confidence as well.

Last week, I also achieved the goal of finding my position again - which I had lost due to issues including an ill-fitting saddle and some time away from riding.

Goals for 2010:

Breed my mare (this is more a financial concern, so far so good, but we will see how the months take us).

Complete the two horse trials I have planned.

Find (and be able to afford) either nicer boarding for my mare or my own farmette (finances and willingness of future husband will factor into this...)

Not horribly lofty goals this year, but I am getting married and moving also, so I am planning accordingly.

Jan. 4, 2010, 08:41 AM



already :)

Jan. 4, 2010, 05:47 PM
Highlights of 2009:

- In May, I took over my friend's rescued 19-year-old former broodmare, worked with her all summer while teaching my friend the ropes (she rides, but has had few formal lessons at a sketchy, low-end barn), and they started showing together in Intro dressage in September, getting AWESOME scores, especially considering both of their backgrounds. :winkgrin:

- Started teaching above mare to jump.

- My TB mare had an unexpected colt (I didn't know she was pregnant when I bought her- but the ultrasound that I had ordered warned me, so he wasn't TOTALLY unexpected). It was my first foaling experience. I am pretty excited about him, even though I didn't plan on him.

- After tons of rehabilitative conditioning, my OTSTB is starting to show a real talent, desire, and brains for jumping. :yes:

Goals for 2010:

- Get friend and her mare ready to start showing training level dressage, and start schooling them over small x-rails.

- Continue working with my OTSTB and see if we can get to a a few small schooling shows.... I would LOVE it if he eventually becomes my next eventer, but he is somewhat clumsy (too scary for XC!) and he is NOT a fan of dressage AT ALL. :lol:

- get over my intimidation/insecurities/anxieties about showing in hunters for the sake of getting my medium some show mileage so I can rehome her into a nice hunter home. *deep, calming breath*

-FINALLY get my TB mare into a program with my eventing trainer.