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Dec. 31, 2009, 06:55 PM
I posted this over the summer, but I'm going to try again to see if I can find somewhere to ride as I have been unsuccessful!

I'm in college in Brunswick, and I would like to find a nice barn with school horses nearby. I have been riding for thirteen years and compete in the 3' equitation, so, while I am not exactly grand prix level, I am far from being a beginner either. I would like to find high quality instruction so that I can continue to improve. Having other riders that are not all beginners to possibly take group lessons with would be a plus as well.

Thanks in advance and happy new year!

Jan. 1, 2010, 12:36 AM
Hey! I used to live in Brunswick :) Waaaay Downeast now, but I do know of a few places. Most of them are going to be about 30 mins away from you. The thing about the Maine H/J (if you're from out-of-state and don't already know this) is that there aren't really any trainers competing outside of the Maine circuit. So if A circuit stuff is your goal, you'll probably have to supplement your training with occasional shipping out to an A-trainer, and show with them or something. You'll make it work! :)
Anywho, here are some links to get you started!
http://newbostonfarm.com/ <--- probably your best bet.
http://www.kentsstables.com/ <--an eventing barn, however, you can get some quality jumping instruction here, and if you were so inclined to do lower-level jumpers, this would probably be the place to go.
http://chezchevaux.net/ <-- another good one. and presumably one you know of, since I'm assuming you go to Bowdoin. :)

Handy links:

Good luck! :)

Jan. 2, 2010, 04:16 PM
You listed some great choices.You may also like to try Ginger Alberts @ Venture Farm in Pownal.