View Full Version : Eventing (or boarding barns?) near Chattanooga?

KBG Eventer
Dec. 28, 2009, 10:50 PM
I'm a Junior in High School, and I have started to look at colleges. I visited UT Chattanooga in October and really liked it. Is there any eventing in the area? It seems like everything is 2-3 hours from there. What barns, even if they aren't eventing oriented, offer boarding in the Chattanooga area?

Dec. 28, 2009, 11:18 PM
I lived in Chattanooga about 5 years ago. I had not gotten into eventing yet but I boarded at Heatherfield. It is more hunter oriented but not a serious show barn, more local show oriented. There were also a couple dressage people there back when I boarded there. Friendly relaxed atmosphere, 2 nice arenas, lots of turnout, nice people.

Dec. 29, 2009, 01:58 PM
Check out www.flyingpigsequestriancenter.com (http://www.flyingpigsequestriancenter.com/) They're in N Ga actually, but not a bad drive from downtown Chatt. This place was a western barn and has been recently taken over by a friend who teaches dressage and eventing. Top care, good instruction, and we (the local CTA club that is) plan on using her facility for clinics too. We have Jim Graham coming in March, and are planning on Jane Savoie sometime in the fall! It's also just about the only public boarding around with a big covered arena.

Heatherfield is great too, though she often has a waiting list and it's generally more hunter focused. There are 2 rings there though, one with jumps and one without.

And sadly, there really isn't much for eventing in the area. Chattahoochee and River Glen are the closest events at about 2 hrs +, and then Middle TN PC HT at 3 and some hours. KHP is about 5 hrs but it's an easy drive. There really is nothing closer to school or show at, though FPEC is working on putting together an XC course. It'll be a while before they have much more than Novice though I think, unless they get some good outside funding.