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Blackberry Farm
Dec. 28, 2009, 10:28 PM
Info on tatoo # 9917362???? A year ago I bought an OTTB-my first. She's taught me a lot already. Moreover, she is extremely eager to please and has such a great mind- typical TB. I am very curious about her background, but haven't had any luck with the tattoo research...If anyone has a moment- Her name is Jills Best Jest, bay mare, foaled 3/3/99 by Best Jest out of Jills Cheap Thrill by Crazy Dimitri. She was bred by Elizabeth A Sweat in Indiana for John Stearns +Joyce Reece in Ky.I believe, there, the owner was Gerald Donahue. She was sold to a friend's trainer in 05, and has had a lot of time off. Her tatoo # is 9917362. Any help would be greatly appreciated!She is coming along in her new career, and really seems to enjoy having a job. We're taking our time. We will likely start low in the jumper ring next year. She really enjoys it! Thanks.

Dec. 28, 2009, 10:44 PM
I can't look it up for you, but the first "number" of her tattoo will actually be a letter. The letter tells the age .. for example one of mine has an E and she's a 2001 model.

If your mare was indeed foaled in 1999, then she should be a C (however, I don't know for sure, I think some letters get skipped...this is where you lose me HAHA)

Thats the best I can help you with, but you've already listed most of that anyway.

Good luck!

Blackberry Farm
Dec. 28, 2009, 11:04 PM
?? I can't read some of the tattoo, so I typed in the # as listed on copy of coggins from 05.The first is a letter? So, maybe I should look for C9917362? Thanks for your reply anyway ;) Happy holidays! (Edited to add:)I just found a jockey club phone #to call for history from tatoo. I've tried emailing, but maybe a phone call will be more helpful.

Dec. 28, 2009, 11:28 PM
Not sure what additional info you're looking for- what you have is complete. Her tattoo is C17362- you replace the year she was born 1999 with the corresponding Jockey Club letter, which is C.

Horse Name- Jills Best Jest
Tattoo- C17362
Year of Birth- 1999
Dam Name- Jills Cheap Thrill
Color - Bay
Sex- Mare

She ran four times, unplaced. You can order her race history from Brisnet or Equineline, or maybe someone here with an account will run the info for you and chime in.


Dec. 28, 2009, 11:31 PM
Equibase will give you the charts for all 4 lifetime starts for free (just have to sign up for a free account). Hasn't raced since October 2002.

Dec. 28, 2009, 11:40 PM
There's nothing about her pedigree that's really going to jump out at you as being really special, except for the fact that she is 100% free of the Native Dancer line, which I personally find attractive.

As for her race record, she ran four times, unplaced, however she managed to bank $1,430.

7/28/02 ran 10th in a Maiden Claiming at Ellis Park.
8/29/02 ran 4th in a Maiden Special Weight at Hoosier Park
9/12/02 ran 10th in a Maiden Special Weight at Hoosier Park
10/13/02 ran 5th in a Maiden Special Weight at Hoosier Park

Equibase will allow you to pull up the race charts for free, just go to www.equibase.com, and type in the horse's name in the "horse search" box on the left hand menu. Videos for her races are also there, but you must register for an account to view them.

Hope this helps!

Blackberry Farm
Dec. 29, 2009, 12:34 AM
Thx so much.I was just curious to know if she ran, or was trained to run. (Everyone in HJ land asks those questions. I don't know anything about racing. A trainer (jumpers) I love to use when he's around has a brother into racing-Ocala.It's just interesting to know what she's done. I exercised a lovely OT g.prix jumper several years ago-won $52 :) Mine has a great mind, but is very sensitive to me. Her conformation is good for our long term goals. She's a big girl 17H, long stride, accepting. We're planning lvl 1-2 jumprs to start, and go from there. She won't go big, but I won't either.Thanks again for taking a minute to check her race history.I have her papers and print of lineage.

Dec. 29, 2009, 10:58 AM
I personally like that Ack Ack is up so close...

Agree, though, her race record's unspectacular. Maybe because she's so tall she would have been a late bloomer? She also sounded rather unlucky-bumped twice, eased to dead last in one start.

Jan. 2, 2010, 01:23 PM
but double Double Jay as broodmare sire is kinda cool as he was John Henry's broodmare sire.
does that make any sense?

Sing Mia Song
Jan. 9, 2010, 05:58 PM
Kind of interesting that she ran so far back as a maiden claimer and they bumped her up to MSW company and then quit on her. Either they really liked her and didn't want to risk losing her, or they genuinely thought she had some ability. One would think that the logical next step off the last start would be to drop her down into claiming company again and get an ITM finish.

Good luck with her! I love the OTTBs!