View Full Version : Boots from La Casa de las Botas

Dec. 27, 2009, 07:20 PM
I've decided I am going to treat myself to a pair of custom boots when I sell my pony. So Ive been doing a little bit of research and decided that I will probably get them from here. Im thinking of getting the Martin Mayo style. I have to keep it simple enough for the show ring. Any one have these?

Also, on the ordering page, what "upper top design" is closest to a spanish top? Italian style? Are any sole's better than the other? I was thinking just the classic leather sole.

What are the "thin leather straps" as well? Im thinking the tabs on the sides, but I have no idea :confused:

Finally, what leather thickness is best? Ill probably just be riding in them at clinics and shows mostly. Maybe a hack or two before a show. I dont mind breaking them in at all. Will normal be fine? Pro's/Con's of Think or thin?


Dec. 28, 2009, 06:19 PM
If you do a search you will find a number of threads about these boots.

I'm not sure exactly which style I have but for the most part I've been very happy with them. I have the thin calves skin and they are quite thin. This made breaking them in a breeze but they definitely would not hold up to everyday use. Since I wear them mostly for shows it's not been an issue.

Also, I was measured at their shop in Buenos Aires and I've been pleased with their fit (though they're just a trifle short) but I've heard that others have had problems with not getting a custom fit. Since I bought direct and not through an agent in the States I would think it might have been difficult to have this corrected had it been an issue.

I got mine for $250 (my brother-in-law brought them here so I didn't have to pay shipping) and they were a fabulous deal. The quality of workmanship is not quite up to Vogel standards but for that price I can't complain. They are much nicer than anything I could have bought for three times that price.