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Dec. 27, 2009, 01:35 PM
My daughters made pony is 16 and has been ridden and shown for years on both the local and A circuit. She is "broke to death" and is a great teacher for Dd.
Issue: pony has a tendency to try to "save" DD in corners and in circles, as soon as Dd leans in pony compensates and bows to the inside. I know that this is corrected by having DD use her inside leg and push pony into her outside hand. Pony responds INSTANTLY when DD does this (since in order to do this she can't lean) my question is what role should her outside hand be playing. This habit was created by kids who leaned to the inside and then used a wide opening outside reign to correct the ponies incorrect bend( or major bow if you will LOL) as I was teaching Dd today she asked what her outside hand should be doing. I told her to lift it slightly and keep an even feel to "support" the pony around the corner, was I correct? There are days when I can't believe that a 6 yr old can even begin to accomplish what I ask her to do , and then she is able to ask questions that make ME question all I have learned!!! She is scary!!!

Dec. 27, 2009, 02:05 PM
Correct, Basically never ask for a rein aid without balancing that request with the opposite rein. Lifting the rein is not necessary, but on a seasoned pony a slight lift of the hand may be sufficient to express the aid, and being that the rider is 6 she may not be 100% capable of finding that balance yet.