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Heinz 57
Dec. 27, 2009, 12:42 AM
We hauled my greenie over to a friend's today and rode in her nice almost-all-weather outdoor - and jumped for the first time away from home. For reference, she's a 16.1h TB mare that will be 5 in April. She's been under saddle since March, and only jumping since October.

She was EXTREMELY good - so much so that we ended with her doing her first 3'6" oxer in a gymnastic.

Here's the oxer: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/1003/erin7264/81greytruck005.jpg

And a few leading up to that...



I can't tell if she's actually twisting a little, or if its just the angle of the pictures. We don't school this height much - she's working on 2'3"-2'6" courses and doing a few gymnastics topping out at 3'. Lead changes are about 70% auto in either direction. We've been doing a lot with steep crossrails, trying to even out that front end and keep her straight.

We've been having a TON of fun, and she has plenty of scope to go higher once she has the miles and experience. Feel free to critique either/or... I know my faults and I can take my lumps.


Dec. 27, 2009, 01:01 AM
I really have to say that I am impressed that since she has only been jumping since OCT that you already have her going that high. I think once she grains more experience in jumping, her form and body will all change. Right now, she just looks as if she isn't sure how to use her body and where to put her legs at the moment and in the oxer, looks a bit uncomfortable. Lots and lots more of gymnastics. I'd say your riding defensive, but I would be too on such a greenie first time over a larger jump. Don't let your guard down on those just yet, thats when they tend to do something LOL.

Heinz 57
Dec. 27, 2009, 01:22 AM
I suppose I should've clarified - we've only been schooling seriously/regularly since October. During the summer, we schooled once every couple weeks over crossrails but I didn't feel like she was mentally there yet, so we focused on flatwork for the most part. Since late September/October we've been schooling twice a week, mostly doing gymnastics and putting in a course or two at the end. I'm big on the steep crossrails, and our courses and a lot of gridwork have consisted mostly of those. We're not going to start schooling 3'6" anytime soon - it was just a fun moment.

Dec. 27, 2009, 04:57 AM
She looks lovely!! She seems super game, and I'd kill for your nice soft release. I love how she uses her head and neck over the fences!! The only thing I notice is that she seems to be leaning on your left leg. I only notice this because my horse does the exact same thing to me except on the right :winkgrin:. It looks like you're using an opening rein, which is exactly what I was going to suggest. I agree with EquineRacers. It's amazing how the young horses will change over fences with just a little more experience. My guy was a four yr old when I got him about 2 years ago. He was super scopey, but didn't necessarily have the greatest form. His front legs weren't very even, and he didn't pick up his forearm like he should. He's a BIG boy (17.2), and sometimes I think he just didn't have the adjustability he needed to get himself out of trouble when he got to the fence wrong. I can't say that I really did anything special with him, but he finally seemed to get it this summer and his form has drastically changed. The more fences he jumps, be better he gets. Here are a few pics of my guy:

Early May of this year: http://www.hoofclix.com/Chattahoochee/2009-05-17-USEA-Area-III/Parker-HillaryPatrickswell/8244330_6gvRA#541311893_heNUE

October of this year: http://www.hoofclix.com/Tryon-Riding-and-Hunt-Club/2009-10-04-TRHC-USEA-Horse/HillaryParkerPatrick-Swell/9852251_UaUNe#673080132_nVtjt

Good luck with your mare. You look to be doing a fabulous job with her!!