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Dec. 24, 2009, 10:23 PM
I am getting an iPhone (got a gift card for C'mas :D)... any suggestions on apps? Tips? Hints?

Also, I know that battery life kinda sucks, but what are other ups and downs?

TIA and Happy Holidays!

Dec. 24, 2009, 10:30 PM
I just got the 3GS with 32GB . The phone is great, the network coverage, Telus,which is Canadian is terrible. It is a new phone for them and they just don't have the coverage. Their promise to disgrunteled customers is they will be fixed by jan10. A really fun app, well it amuses me cause it is cute is smacktalk and singing horses,I think they are for kids.

Dec. 24, 2009, 10:35 PM
Battery life sucks, but the phone is so completely awesome that you don't really care :-). My favorite apps: Shazam ("listens" to music, identifies it, then takes you to a link to buy on itunes), UrbanSpoon (finds restaurants), Weather Channel (the basic weather app sucks), iheartradio (plays most any radio station), AroundMe (finds just about anything, gas stations, starbucks, etc near you and then gives directions). There's actually an app that lets you track how much water you're drinking and gives you reminders to 8 glasses--cheesy, but it does help remind me to drink water. Sync regularly to your computer, because when it locks up and you need to restore it (and you will), if it's been synced, you can literally restore it to factory settings and load everything back onto it, in about 45 minutes. If you already have music in itunes for an ipod, you can just drop it directly in; if not, I would start copying your CDs, etc, because you'll want to have it all there immediately :). Hope you like it, I've had mine about a year and I can't imagine going back to Blackberry. Oh, and one more thing, if you take the time to load in addresses to your contact list, it ends up being really helpful--you can get gps directions to them.

Dec. 24, 2009, 10:38 PM
The biggest drawback is that you will become completely addicted to it! :lol:

There are so many apps, you'll have to sift through them to see what interests you. There are many cool ones like Urbanspoon and Yelp that use the phone's GPS to find your location, then tell you what restaurants and attractions are near you.

The battery life depends on what you do with the phone. The iPod hardly uses any juice. The Internet use burns up the juice pretty quickly, but the phone doesn't take long to charge. If you plug it in for half an hour or so, you're good to go for a long time.

Dec. 24, 2009, 10:38 PM
I can't think of any ups to having an iPhone unless you can actually make use of apps that might help you in your daily life. The biggest problem with the iPhone is that EVERYONE has one and the multimedia junkies who watch mobile video and do other streaming bandwidth intensive activities are literally bringing AT&Ts network to a grinding halt from all their use. So you're gonna get a lot of dropped calls, screwy signals, missed messages, etc. AT&T doesn't really have a strong 3G network to begin with according to the evidence that has recently surfaced so you'll definitely experience those problems living in Texas where a lot of the wireless network infrastructure outside of places like Dallas and Houston are older and not so compatible with the newer phones like the iPhone.

Dec. 24, 2009, 10:46 PM
This is an interesting article I ran across about the AT&T network and iphone. I agree with their conclusion--I had a Blackberry with AT&T for years, and there are places that my coverage was fine with BB but iPhone drops calls. And, I carry a second phone with Verizon--while they have different "dead spots" I truly don't think one is better coverage than the other.


Dec. 25, 2009, 12:40 AM
Any more apps I just added yelps and urban spoon , I travel tons so they will be appreciated, anymore?

Dec. 25, 2009, 12:49 AM
I'm mostly addicted to Facebook and Pandora- I also have my favorite websites bookmarked to my front page. (Like COTH :) )

Dec. 25, 2009, 12:49 AM
I like Flickster.. it shows the local theaters, show times, movies that are out.. and movies that are coming out, reviews, dvd release dates, and you can watch trailers.

for entertainment I downloaded the Texts from last night app and FML app.. they are good for a giggle or 2 if you are bored with nothing to read.

Dec. 25, 2009, 01:22 AM
Any more apps I just added yelps and urban spoon , I travel tons so they will be appreciated, anymore?

AroundMe is another good one. Also there are several called ManGo that list different things based on your gps location- fast food, chain restaurants, shopping, etc.

If you're a baseball fan, MLB.com is totally worth it during the season. You can listen to any game anywhere, and watch video highlights and recaps after the game.

Another handy app is a tip calculator. AccuTipFree and Tipilicious are both good.

Really, the list is endless!

Dec. 25, 2009, 04:51 AM
I used to work for Apple and do iPhone technical support. The major downfall of the product is AT&T themselves, they are gomers, they are unknowledgable, and just don't care. Should you have a problem, even if it's their fault, they won't touch it with a 20 foot pole. I've had customers even get kicked out of AT&T stores for carrying in their iPhone (and they pay AT&T over 100 a month:no:)

Another problem with the iPhone is if you live in a humid area, or have any other problems with moisture (sweaty hands, etc) you can ruin it completely, just by humidity (like from the shower, kitchen, etc) or if you plug it into the charger and your hands happened to be sweaty or whatever, the liquid submersion sensor will trigger and you cannot get that iPhone fixed, no matter what. It will need to be replaced, on your dollar, regardless of the warranty or apple care protection plan. It will not be replaced at AT&T's price, but rather at the actual price which can range from $400-2400 depending on which iPhone you have. Also, any jailbreaking of your iPhone (to use on another network other than AT&T) will also void all apple warranties and the APP.

So just becareful :) It's a cool phone, but with my horsie life, I am hard on phones. My Razr was replaced for free, no questions asked, when my mare stepped on it. That would just not ever happen with an iPhone.

Dec. 25, 2009, 11:15 AM
i dont have any problems with battery life on my 3GS-- i am always on the internet, and have email pushed too me, both which supposedly drain the battery and i have used it outside in the rain before and it has been fine...

put a case on it!

also, i have had to get mine replaced (no case, concrete floor) and they replaced it for the "cheap" (HA!) price that i got it from att at, 99. so, not the 500 the phone "actually" costs.

Dec. 25, 2009, 11:34 AM
Love mine! I just upgraded from the orginal version which I dropped and beat to hell and it still worked great. I would work with it in my back pocket so the moisture and humidity in FL would mess with the bottom of the screen but if I put it in front of a fan it dried out quick. I mainly use facebook as an app. I didn't get great service on that one as it was not 3G.

My new one is awesome its the 3Gs and much faster and get much better service!

I love my iphone. I thought about switching to verizon or another phone but the thought of not have an iphone was a crazy one.

I love the GPS on it and can get anywhere now!

I do not think battery life is bad at all!!!!!!! I have had way worse!

Dec. 25, 2009, 12:47 PM
Just got one a couple of weeks. Love some things about, hate others. The touch screen works from heat from your skin touching it so fingernails will have to be kept shorter. Sometimes, I go to pick it up or something, end up touching the screen and cutting off folks.

We bought through Best Buy so have insurance on it but it's $15 a month. The
AT+T store had nothing available.

I do miss being about to just flip my phone open and press one number for speed dial when driving. And imagine I won't be hauling out to the barn much.
Was looking at the leg/arm bands for it but hubby suggested taking the old phone out which would still give 911 coverage if something happened riding.

Dec. 25, 2009, 01:18 PM
Thanks for the honest replies y'all! I am not a tech junkie, so can't imagine I'll use for much more than phone calls and some good apps (several of what y'all mentioned are great sounding!).

Merry Christmas!

Dec. 25, 2009, 02:20 PM
I can finish a day or two on once charge unless I'm playing games/videos all day. The key is to dim the brightness of the screen so it's only as bright as you need to see, and isn't sucking battery power all day. My favorite apps are: Facebook, Twitterific, Bump, Ultralingua (I'm studying abroad, helps me with my Spanish) and Sudoku. :-)

Dec. 26, 2009, 07:00 PM
I'm obsessed with my iPhone. I haven't had any problems with dropped calls. I have the 3G and my husband the 3Gs and I really don't notice a difference in speed. I am a heavy user and use a lot of games so i tend to recharge mine overnight while I sleep. You can get a protective case that has extra battery power if that is a concern for you.

I think you can tell a lot about a person by their apps. I'm a word nerd so I really like a lot of the games like Scrabble, Whirly Word, Quordy and Bookworm. Unblock Me is a fun non-word game.

I like Bing, Around Me, Weight Watchers, Yelp, ColorSplash, Epi (epicurious -- great app!), Meter Maid (tracks your meter time and GPS's you back to your car -- great if you are like me and prone to losing your car!), Quick Voice (records and emails your comments), TripCase (cool travel app), RedLaser (scans bar codes and gives you the best price for the item in your area), and Chipotle (remembers your order and allows you to submit via iPhone).

I can't imagine what I ever did without my iPhone. I use it for everything. I got the OtterBox which is a super strong case with a rubber membrane that protects the electronic components and good for anyone who is hard on their phone.

Jul. 4, 2010, 02:06 PM
Any recommended new apps since the DEC OT Day?