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Dec. 22, 2009, 10:15 PM
We would like to haul to southern WY (Laramie, Cheyenne area) or northern CO to horse camp and trail ride this coming summer. Lots of national parks, forest service land, but not a lot of where you can horse camp.

Looking for a horse camp with easy access for trails and enough to keep us riding for 5 days. No amenities needed except access to water. Our trailers are self contained.

Can anyone help or have any suggestions?

Tammy in Nebr

Painted Horse
Dec. 23, 2009, 03:29 PM
So much of the west is public lands. As such most folks just primative camp and don't worry about about Horse Camps. Hence organized horse camps are few and far between.

Most actual Forest Service or BLM camp grounds are designed for campers. The mgt doesn't like horses inside the camp grounds, since the campers tomorrow may be tent campers and complain about road apples where they lay their sleeping bags out. So horse are not usually allowed in those campgrounds. But there are lots of wide spots in the road where you can just pull off and camp.

I don't frequent the area you are heading to. But I do often camp in Western Wyoming, Utah and have done some camping Western Colorado. If it's not private land, we just pull off into a flat and camp.


The disadvantage of this is that there is usually only 1-2 trails heading out from each trail head. This means that you will have some repeating of the trails. Meaning maybe you ride out 5 miles before the trail splits and you can choose which one to ride today. Trails usually run up drainages. So most are out and back trails. Not loops. If they are a loop, they are usually too long to ride in one day. You just don't have a private land owner out clearing and marking trails in order to increase his business. The Forest Service is more and more taking the attitude of letting the wilderness return to it's natural state. They are not building trails, but rather letting them return to their natural state. So I camp for a day or two and ride an area, then pack up and move 20 miles down the road and ride the next drainage. I know this is foreign to folks from back east. But it's how it's done here in the west.

I can give you some excellent suggestions of where to ride along the Utah/Wyoming border or several areas to ride around Yellowstone/Jackson Hole if you want to come that far west.

Often Trail Heads have corrals. Back Country Horsemen have come in and built corrals. You can park in the parking lot and place the horse in the corrals and day ride out from the trail head.