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Heinz 57
Dec. 22, 2009, 06:05 PM
Its great to read everyone's goals for the coming year, and I'll be heading over to that thread to post mine shortly.

I thought it might be fun to reflect a little on 2009 - whether your reflections are on accomplishments or disappointments.

The highlights of my year are:

- Got laid off. Sold horse for resale profit, found and bought new, unbroken and poorly cared for but tremendously talented spitfire TB mare for $400.

- Got new job.

- Got old job back.

- SOLD the PONY. I was contracted to ride/tune up/sell a cute (homely) but fortunately talented 14.2 quarter pony. Schooled him up to Training, and had a blast.

- Personal best EVER - 71.6% dressage score on the above pony under a very respected judge.

- Took the also above-mentioned spitfire to her first real dressage show and scored a 69% on Intro A.

- Broke my foot in the middle of show season. Ugh.

- Last minute catch riding for a friend at a dressage show and WINNING both her classes for her.

- Starting my greenie o/f this fall!

A few picture highlights... (wish I had more from our shows!)

pony: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/1003/erin7264/2.jpg


XC fun: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/1003/erin7264/5.jpg

My 'crazy' 4yo TB:

Took her to the beach...

And a cute one, just for fun.

Dec. 22, 2009, 08:54 PM
Mine's not to do with my riding, but my highlights were

--proposing and pulling off the addition of a Training 3 Day to the Indiana Eventing Associaion HT. It went really well, all the competitors had a fabulous time, the volunteers had a great time, and it was clearly something that the participants will always treasure.

--having my students win best conditioned at the IEA T3DE and the Midsouth P3DE. That's a great feeling!

There are many other things, but those two are probably the nearest to my heart, horse-wise!

Dec. 22, 2009, 09:09 PM
learning that horse are the most wonderful and forgiving of all creation.....

i hope to one day actually earn the respect my horses give me.

KBG Eventer
Dec. 22, 2009, 10:26 PM
Winning a year membership to the hunt club. Foxhunting second and first field in a loose ring snaffle.

Going to Ocala for a week

Winning our first Training at Chattahoochee Hills. 32 in dressage!

Passing our C2 with several exceeds standards

Finishing our second Training at May-Daze with a clear stadium (http://sports.webshots.com/photo/2678125480100013841hbXAZh) and just a few XC time penalties (http://sports.webshots.com/photo/2791352970100013841ZMurwK")

Swimming Sonny in the pond

Getting a 76% on Training 4 at Dressage Rally (http://sports.webshots.com/photo/2534468340100013841defiki")

Having an adorable horse :D (http://sports.webshots.com/photo/2937672040100013841jAfdKM")

Divine Comedy
Dec. 22, 2009, 10:48 PM
I'm proud of confirming our 2008 move up to Prelim.

Competing in our first FEI event.

Competing in two CIC*, and two CCI* and getting 3rd at both CCI* and one CIC* (with a TE in the other CIC*, would have been second).

Completed and placed third at a CCI* LF!

Lisa Cook
Dec. 22, 2009, 10:57 PM

- In 2009, I lost Linus, the horse who once scored an eventing 16.3 in a Beg Novice dressage test. The one who was honest and brave on cross country, a sweetheart and a gentleman who kindly packed my son around my son's first ever beginner novice event. The one who was only turning 8 years old in 2009. My heart still aches when I think of him, which is every single day.

- In 2009, my son really picked up his interest in riding. I smiled (a lot) at his hero worship of Denny. (I'm smiling now as I type this) He rode in his first-ever recognized events and finished all 4 without any jumping penalties in xc and stadium, and got braver and more self-confident as the season went on. THAT was a lot of fun to see. :)

- I got my large pony back after being out on lease for 2 years, and realized just how much I missed her and how happy I was to have her back, even if I do want to occasionally wring her neck in dressage. :)

Dec. 22, 2009, 11:05 PM
This was a year of waiting for me....
Waiting for my 3-yr-old to be old enough to event
Waiting for my 3-yr old to be trained enough to event
Waiting for my MUCH WANTED but seriously putting a crimp on my riding baby to be born...

2010 is just around the corner and the waiting of 2009 is about to come to fruition. My filly has progressed beautifully under her trainer who will be taking her out to her first events early next year. My son will be born in January and hopefully I'll be back in the saddle in no time!

Dec. 22, 2009, 11:27 PM
In 2009, my competition horse got EPM, and while he recovered, I ended up looking for another horse, and I found the horse of my dreams.

With him, I was able to achieve a life goal, and I did my first training before 50! :D I won't reach the half century mark until next year, but it'll hit before the first horse trail, I believe.

My two year old got hurt pretty badly, tearing every muscle in his shoulder. After spending four months in "swim camp", he walks, trots, and canters w/o a limp, but he'll never be 100%.

My three year old is under saddle!

I'm learning a TON from my wonderful Irish boy, who's making me do things right; he's not going to give it to me. WHY did I wait until now to get a horse who knows more than I do?!

But mostly I learned that horses are the best therapy, and if I give them my earnest time and effort, they not only reward me in the saddle, but with a spirit that bleeds into my life and work as well. They allow me to tackle--with a smile--all that life throws at me. Bless them all.

Hey Mickey
Dec. 23, 2009, 12:00 AM
My goals for 2009 were:

to do a T3D... we did. and it was awesome!!!!

to improve our dressage... we did, still a work in progress, but such an improvement. one of these days we will get it together.

to be more "ride-able" over fences... yup

I really wanted to successfully re-move up/re-attempt prelim. Did not happen, but there is always next year.

Dec. 23, 2009, 07:50 AM
2009 brought time at Rood and Riddle, with Tess having pneumonia. We almost lost her. It brought two more boughts of colic, one of which ended up with a two day stay at R&R.

Since I found out that Tess has low gut motility in her hind gut, I learned a lot about nutrition this year. I am praying that my current feeding program will continue to do the job and keep us out of the vet hospital.

Despite all of those trying times, Tess managed to give me another amazing year. We took our time coming back from the pneumonia and showed in less events. We had time penalties on cross country for the first few events, which dropped us down in the placings. Even with that, my mare with the huge heart, helped me achieve a top five USEA BN Master Rider placing, again.

At Hagyard's Team Challenge, I finally met my 2009 goal of scoring in the 20's for dressage. Achieving a 27.5, was worth more than any trophy, ribbon or award that we received this year. We did it in a misting, 45 degree rain and standing water in the dressage arena.

We could not have done any of it without the Grace of God and the help of Dr. Woody, Dr. Morrisey and Pinkdiamondracing. They are my heros. They gave me another year with my once in a lifetime horse.

This year, I found that the tough times really do make you appreciate the good ones. We have been given the honor of caring for these amazing animals. We must always be conscious of this. Love and protect them to the best of your ability. Remember, at the end of the day, they are the ones who have saved your bacon on cross country. ;)

Dec. 23, 2009, 08:26 AM
2009, be gone....I am looking forward cautiously to 2010 but left 2009, eventing wise, with a bad taste in my mouth from circumstances beyond my control. I worked all year toward a goal, then had it sort of deflate on me at the very end, leaving me embarrassed and disappointed. My fault.

I know that working hard will get me a better 2010, but I worked so hard last year to have it fall apart....I am leary of doing another goal like that.

I would rather just work this year on perfecting each and every skill, from better trot lengthenings to more precise turns in stadium to better pace control on cross country, smarter care of my horses, and lose weight and get fit for me. That last is the hardest. I just can't figure what minute of the day I get to work on me!

I'm not going to hold myself to something again; that was just too hard on me personally and on my horse, as well as having to deal with people close to me who already hate my competing. I am going to hear a lot of "I told you so" this year and hope I can rise above that. Sigh. Hoping 2010 is positive and forward, and trying to ignore all the negative things! :)

Dec. 23, 2009, 09:08 AM
2008 really kicked my butt so 2009 was a year of recovery.

There wasn't a lot of competing going on but I was okay with that as I had accomplished the goal of building my own farm at the age of 28.

- I managed to sell many of the CANTER horses in a poor economy- Indy, Dixie, Mick, Wildcat, Punch, Rosey and Bella. They all have amazing homes and I made some great new contacts. I continue to get a lot of wonderful horses in for retraining via CANTER. I really love the process of tranforming racehorses to riding horses. Tons of fun!

- CANTER Mid-Atlantic started up a program at Delaware Park which I am taking lead on and it has been very rewarding. We have helped place over 100 horses just from that track and I am proud to be a part CANTER.

- Junior, my conn/tb, who injured his knee really badly has managed to stay sound and has been my hunt horse and is even hunting with my hubby. I was told he may not even be rideable so I am thankful to have him back in whatever capacity he can manage.

- I was able to take my horse who had previously been seriously messed up by bad experiences to lots of x-c schooling and we jumped around clean at BN's locally. His dressage scores are always good so watching him gain confidence was quite an experience. I am also hunting him and that is something I never would have thought would be possible;) I think this year is going to be quite good for him.

I am really lucky to have a supportive husband and a lot of great friends. There have been some tough blows throughout the year but I figure that is part of life and you just keep plugging away and keep focusing on the positive. I am really looking forward to 2010. Putting in a riding ring with lights, lots of business coming in the spring, tons of new horses to work with and hopefully will do some more competing this year but if I don't then I don't worry.

Dec. 23, 2009, 10:02 AM
Gosh ... it's been quite a year.

Harry and I started out strong going to our first events in over 1 1/2 years. What a difference the time off made. All of a sudden my super-athletic horse was actually rideable. Granted he still pulled like a freight train, but all of a sudden there was a half halt there. Trust me ... this year I began to appreciate the little things.

I had renewed hope that my little horse was back and had visions of prelim dancing in my head again. But while the jumping kept getting better and better, the flatwork just got harder and harder for us. The horse that I once scored a 68% on was gone, and instead I had a horse begging to be a hunter.

So now Harry is for sale. A lot of tears went along with this decision, and I basically tear up whenever someone calls about him. But I'm holding on to the fact that as a pair we went out on top, winning our short course division this fall.

As for the Princess Lissell. She had a beautiful chestnut filly this summer for her leaser. When I went to visit I was horrified to find out that they stopped feeding hay to their horses (and were in the middle of a drought) and I'm now convinced they weren't feeding any grain either. She was skin and bones ... you could hold her spine in your hand. Disgusting. Needless to say, she's now home. Within a month she didn't look like a rescue case, and now 3 months in she's officially fat again.

Dec. 23, 2009, 10:06 AM

Dec. 23, 2009, 11:49 AM
Well, what can I say. 2009 was my best eventing year ever (and I also met a big goal at work, too).

Before this year I had never won a division at an event-- and then I won three, including my second ever Training event on our dressage score of 27.

In the midst of all that I had the opportunity to become the owner of the horsey love of my life and partner in those wonderful events. It just became final a couple of weeks ago.

I'm just floored.

Here is a really sappy slideshow of the year (plus a little bit of the end of 2008 right after Taco came to me):
(For you guys who might have seen ths before, I added some new pics.)

Dec. 23, 2009, 11:53 AM
My entire horsey life changed in 2009. I went from being a life long boarder to having my horses on my own property entirely under my own care. I have been stunned to discover how much I enjoy the process. House construction on the property began a couple weeks ago. I hope by this time next year I'll not be driving 20 minutes one way multiple times a day, but instead to be taking a short stroll down to the barn!

In February I ended a 2 year long riding hiatus with the purchase of a 3 year old TB. The year has been about teaching him the basics of going forward and finding a connection, trailering off the property for field trips and going to a few shows to hang out. He jumped his first cross rail this month.

Dec. 23, 2009, 01:16 PM
In 2009...

1. My oldest home-bred mare turned 7. She entered her first Training HT in February. In October, she came 2nd at her first Intermediate. I'm very, very, very pleased with her progress.

2. My 2005 mare had her first year in English tack. She now jumps, foxhunts, does a bit of polo and is a safe lesson horse for kids. On her own, she took up cat-herding and pig-tipping. One thing she did not do, however, is grow. Despite having two horse parents and two 16hh+ half-sisters, she may be getting a pony card in 2010.

3. My 2006 filly is now quite solid under saddle and on trails and is ready to start going out to shows.

4. I take no credit for any of this. The Pollards have done a wonderful job with #1. Glenbaer has had full-charge of #2 and #3 -- it's quite an accomplishment to produce two very solid young horses.

5. My other BIG horsey achievement is finally getting my three retirees up to my farm in BC. I had to fortify the place for my favorite horse, my 30something rogue QH. Since his arrival, he's taken out fences, fought with my other gelding, invaded stalls, denied my mare access to her stall, peed on everyone else's clean bedding and stolen the hearts of the mares. He's a lot of fun. :)

Dec. 23, 2009, 01:30 PM

Loved your video! Taco and you make a super team! Now, I will recognize you at the MSEDA awards luncheon. :D

Dec. 23, 2009, 02:24 PM
I moved my horses 45 minutes closer to me to the hunt club with 24/7 turn out in the summer with tree covered rolling pastures and acres upon acres to ride. I have been able to get much more time with each horse. I find it thrilling that I can go on long hacks with either horse and be confident that they won't do anything stupid and are as happy to be with me as they are the herd. Lots of bonding time instead of driving time!

For Oreilly, it's been a roller coaster. February brought me a puncture and infection in the knee while I was on a cruise. Another puncture and an infection in June and a wire in the tongue in September. I volunteered more than competed this year since almost every HT I signed up for ended up a scratch for said injuries and a slew of other stupid things this horse threw at me...yet I still adore him. By the end of the summer, we were confidently jumping 3'3" plus courses on xc and stadium. Alas the wire in september ended the move up to training since it took 8 weeks for his tongue to heal. so we'll wait for next year..but I won't be telling him that! He has been working beautifully..but now he has an abcess (farrier nicked toe then threw shoe a day later on a hunt on a gravel road, one ugly abcess but getting better). He's been wonderful on the hunts though. So laid back now and quiet enought that my friends husband who just started jumping can first flight some of the venues with lower jumps.

For Nisha, she finally physically matured this summer. went from barely doing x's to easily schooling BN xc courses and is a first flight horse at the hunts at all the fixtures. She is still a work in progress, but over all turning out to be quite the mare.

Hope next year is better!

Shrunk "N" Da Wash
Dec. 23, 2009, 02:38 PM
-Hung on to some rather exuberant fits on the munchkin :lol:
-Piloted the munchkin around his first event season of novice/beginner novice with 5 wins at novice one included Ontario champs
-Took my "barge" around novice with 3 wins should've been more...
-Was 1st on the munchkin overall in pt junior (novice) and 3rd on the "barge" aka the pinto at the year ends.
-Successfully schooled the pinto barge around most of the training course!!!
-Won dressage at a majority of the events... then we went downhill on a few occasions
-Entertained the photographers with the munchkins "kangaroo hops" hahahah
-Finally got a "packer" that will hopefully get me around training!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-Hit the richland stadium warm-up ground hard after I stayed on for well over 8 seconds on the munchkins rodeo/lippizan display :yes:
-Got my first E when I attempted to take the barge training
-Got my second E when my barge decided that the stadium course she had done 3+ times had wolves hiding under the jumps
-Had some of the most interesting jumping rounds leading to "ugly wins" :eek::lol:
-Numerous other falls that weren't exactly graceful

Overall: Had a TON of FUN, lots of laughs, and many adrenaline rushes! No regrets... I learned a TON

Dec. 23, 2009, 05:09 PM
I tried very hard last year at this time not to make any real plans or set any real goals. THIS IS VERY HARD, especially with a horse as cool as Vernon, but my point of not planning anything was to A) keep it in perspective that my horse is very young, very talented, and that his training level career will only be one small baby step in what will hopefully be a very long career. This year was just about education for him and B) no plans means no disappointments.

I can happily say that because of that thought process I am nothing but THRILLED with our year. We had some bumps and set backs, but nothing more than any five year old can and does have. We missed some events (Rubicon because he pulled a shoe off and half his foot with it. Morven because of a mild case of cellulitis 2 days before the event). I withdrew at Seneca in the spring because we both got a little shook up in show jumping (glad I did that). His skin was such a mess at Surefire that he was down right BAD in dressage (he's never, ever done that before). But, those few bad things were small compared to how FANTASTIC he really was.

He was brilliant over a very big first training level course. By the time he got to go a second time, he felt like an old pro. I don't think I came off of one xc course this past year without grinning like a fool and telling my horse he was a rock star! :cool: I had the ride of my life at Rubicon in the fall (which makes me think I'm going to KEEP having those with this horse).

We struggled with our show jumping...ok, I struggled with MY show jumping. Our dressage is a work in progress. But everything is coming together and I feel like we are on the verge of something fantastic. :yes:

I also got to experience the sheer fun of watching a rider I only last year at this time had to BEG to canter her pony become very confident in her riding (and JUMPING), fall in love with eventing (or, as her dad puts it "She totally drank the koolaid!"), get better and better on not just HER horse but just about any horse, and, yesterday, bravely and rather nonchalantly climbed up on Ruby Boy (his first ride in 18 months) knowing full well that Ruby has a wicked streak and is notorious for depositing people on the ground within 10 feet of the mounting block (he didn't. We always think he's outgrown it, now that he's almost 14, but the last time we thought that he put two people on the ground within a week!). I'm looking forward to her first forays into recognized eventing and really, really hope Ruby's body will keep up with his mind (he's totally in love with her) and that she'll get to take him out, too.

Dec. 23, 2009, 05:31 PM
I have so enjoyed reading about everyone's year. Despite some sadness and loss, it seems everyone found a way to put things into perspective and find some joy in their passion.

As for me, besides having a lovely colt born out of my Saddler's Wells grandaughter, I found the pure pleasure in eventing again. After several years of just not trusting my current OTTB (for those who know the syndrome, I kept "riding" my previous horse, who was untrustworthy on XC), new mare and I became a partnership. Somehow in 2009 competing has become fun again, and I have the confidence to trust her as she does me. What a high!

I think part of what changed things was when my dressage guru rode her for me (at my request). When he got off he handed me the reins saying, "She's a one-person horse, and you are her person." That made me reflect on how far we'd come: she, a terrified OTTB: me, a terrified rider. We both finally found courage by working together.

Dec. 23, 2009, 07:01 PM
2009 was a year of ups and downs, as I guess they all seem to be as I get older. It was the team's best competition year ever, more blues more frequently. Dressage was a major focus with awesome coaching from Reese Koffler-Stanfield plus a little from the Captain. It worked - record scores, 24.5, then 24, then 23 on different horses and even more importantly, CONSISTENT dressage performances. USET recognition for Nemo, USEA certificates for Hopper and Ryan, and Hopper earned his Gold Medal at preliminary. We started our breeding program and were very fortunate to put all 5 babies on the ground healthy and sound, branded one Oldenburg NA, and produced our homebred stallion's first crop; just don't look right now, because they all look like furry caterpillars! Our young horses developed beautifully, and we've got the best string ever for 2010 with at least one very competitive horse at every level from BN to Advanced for the first time in our business. 2010 will be a wonderful problem to have - finding the time and entry $$ to do justice to that many fabulous horses. Our working student program was simply astounding, with all of our kids super hard workers and absolute sponges for information and riding instruction. Watching their progress over the period of a year has been a fascinating experience for me, and my cup runneth over with a plethora of daughters that I didn't have to go through the diaper experience with.

We did have to fight through a couple of injuries and illnesses to both horses and rider, but our vet support is the best in the world from Rood & Riddle - our special thanks to Dr. Chris Newton. Probably the biggest downside of the season was the weather -- wettest season in our memory, starting at Poplar and Pine Top, continuing all year through Fair Hill. I've never had a year so consistently wet -- River Glen, Maui Jim, Hunter's Run, Flying Cross, Jump Start...... On the bright side, tho, I think we learned a lot about running in the slop, and none of the horses showed negative effects from it. We also clearly demonstrated that running the tractor lift into the barn ceiling (!!!) and kissing the farm truck with the manure spreader causes big dents, LOL. That was NOT planned to be part of the working student experience.

We would like to thank the USEA, the USET, the Chronicle, all of the organizers and volunteers who put on the events, our friends, sponsors, and supporters for a great 2009. We've never been to an event where we haven't made at least one new friend, and I think that's the best thing about eventing. Finally, I overheard one of our kids commenting to a friend the other day, saying "You know what the saddest thing in the world would be? Crossing the finish line and not having anyone cheering for you."

May you always have friends cheering every finish line you cross. That's a lot more important than the color of your ribbon.

God bless and best wishes for 2010.


Dec. 23, 2009, 07:21 PM
Congratulations to those of you with successful years, and congratulations to the rest of us for making it through! :lol:

I didn't do a lot to improve my riding skills this year, but I do believe I helped improve my karma a bit.

My main riding horse, a campaigner with all the experience I could dream of, has battled NQRness we haven't located, saddle fit and chronic ulcers.

My lovely, sweet OTTB rehab project had yet another year of rehab. Our two years together have been completely up and down, hopeful and hopeless - and again this year I had to seriously contemplate putting him down. Thankfully my incredible farrier came up with a solution that seems to be working for him and I actually climbed aboard for a two minute walk in the blizzard last weekend.

I acquired a third, totally unneccessary horse that was three hours out from auction. A sale project that will probably be impossible to sale :cool: (15.2, offbreed, somewhat green). But he is oh, SO fun and so smart, so responsive and has such potential.

I also helped sell 7 (or more?) horses out of the auction pipeline and broke and/or put much needed miles on about 20 others that I couldn't get sold.

Brought home my favorite barn kitty, who was an epic fail at barn life. Epic win at being a hilarious house cat! Made great strides at taming the evil semi-feral cat that'd been abandoned in the house we bought.. she's curled up next to me!

The highlight of my year - buying my DREAM truck. A Silverado 2500HD crew cab, 4WD, big block engine. All I need now is some sound horses and a trailer.

It's so fun to read about everyone else's year and live vicariously through you guys and your competitive lives. Thanks for sharing!

Wee Dee Trrr
Dec. 23, 2009, 07:30 PM
I learned a lot in '09.
I did my second T3DE at IEA... We had a nasty fall in the steeplechase clinic, but went on to finish on our dressage score. Bruised and beat up. No ribbons, but we received Best Conditioned Horse and I got an Ironman award. Dorothy made this one up for me b/c of the fall.... but it was still very much appreciated. :winkgrin:

I decided that my life was not meshing well with horse horse above... so I made the terribly hard decision to sell him. I cried. A lot. Fortunately, I found someone who rides him better than I do and loves him and all his quirks.

LAZ found a green, gross, dirty, super skinny, GRAY :eek:, OTTB that she said would be great. I bought him. He's already one of the coolest horses I know. He's started over fences and is amazingly fun to ride. I CAN'T WAIT for spring, I think this horse will be a star.

I BOUGHT A TRAILER! It's itty bitty, but I have my own wheels again, and will no longer be bumming rides from my friends.

Dec. 23, 2009, 08:46 PM
Wow, what a year. Thanks for starting this thread - it has made me discover what positive changes have come this year. It has been quite a roller coaster - the "do I sell this horse or not?" question has been on my mind all year.

-January I took 2 lessons with Mike Winter, after about 2 years of no lessons (no $$). We started "making progress." We both learned a lot from these lessons, but it allowed me to realize that I needed to do more exploring with what Miranda's problem with dressage was.

-Spring semester didn't give me a good enough sampling of time to work with Miranda. I couldn't make a decision without giving him a chance.

-Summer I worked him regularly. Decided at the end that I was most likely selling him. Would try a few more things fall semester before selling, just to make sure.

-Started chiropractor adjustments. Made a difference in his movement, and in his attitude in dressage, but not enough to convince me to keep him.

-Tried new bit a month ago, and had a new horse. I had NO IDEA that a bit could make so much difference! Now I'm pretty sure I'm keeping him, and I'm excited for new year's progress. Hopefully this bit will stay magical :)

So through the frustration and tears, there has been a lot of growth in my understanding of my horse's dressage setbacks. Now we can improve our dressage, and keep improving our awesome jumping! Yay!

Dec. 24, 2009, 01:38 AM
Man, this year has been quite a year for me. It was my first full year of competing at events- three different horses, a new coach and a great group of horse show buddies.

With my leased 10 year old TB mare, I completed my first novice, which is when I finally broke a 40 in dressage with her, but never finished on my dressage with her- always a rail down. The one time we didn't have a rail down, we had ONE time penalty. I sold her for her owner and thought I'd be horseless, BUT...

I had bought a unbroke Perchie cross mare in Nov of last year. In late Aug, she did her first horse trial. She jumped clean and would have landed in fifth but there was a scoring error I didn't catch until well after the time was up. At her next horse trial, she dropped her dressage 12 points to a 36 and I finished my first horse trial on my dressage score in second place on a horse I brought along completely by myself.

With my OWN horse, my TB who I have struggled with for 5 years, I had his bad eye removed, went to several dressage shows after the surgery and got serious about getting him ready to event. He jumped clean at two CTs this year- one at 2' and one at 2'6" making those his first two clear rounds in five years of our partnership.

I also made incredible strides in both my riding and my teaching skills and have an incredible business partner who I thank my lucky stars for each and every day.

Dec. 24, 2009, 07:43 AM
After all the terrible things that happened in 2008 (mare colic, foaling issues, Orion born dysmature and we thought he wouldn't make it, Q fractured splint bone (TWICE), etc) I didn't have any high hopes for 2009. Instead, it ended up being an amazing year.

My mare is safe and happy bossing around my yearling and another weanling and was pronounced safe to breed again. We bred her to an amazing upcoming hunter stallion, Legaczy, and so far her pregnancy has been going well.

My yearling has been proving himself a miracle more and more every day (you can see pics in the 2008 foals thread in the breeding forum). He has gone to a few FEH competitions, and although usually placing close to last, has received nice comments from the judges. I'm just PROUD of him knowing everything he's been through.

My gelding, Q, outsmarted his odds and came back after several injuries and bouts with lameness last year and early winter 2009 to be in great form to compete, and we started our first recognized season. We ended up with a second and two firsts at our last three competitions, and finished on our dressage score all season. He has improved in dressage and stadium by leaps and bounds and continues to amaze my trainer with his braveness XC. I couldn't be happier with him.

Q has an issue with his coffin bone joint in his LF that could end his career whenever it gets to that point. Vet doesn't know when, but I'm terrified to think it will be tomorrow...

But in other good news, my parents purchased 26 acres in Mt. Airy! Fencing is in progress, and the barn is about to be started (got pushed off due to weather), so the horses will be moving home this Spring!!!!!

So... hopes that 2010 follows in 2009's footsteps :)

Dec. 24, 2009, 10:08 AM
I just realized that 2009 was the first year that I did not compete in a single event since 1996 when I started eventing. Crazy! But... I had a great time with my 3 year old and can't wait for next year when we can do even more! I made lots of big circles and straight lines and he learned how to canter and not to buck :) I got to take him to Aiken for a week in the spring and another week in the summer, had a blast, got lots of good things to work on, and got to ride some super fancy horses. I had one student spend a year at preliminary and made huge strides in her flat work and galloping, which led to much improved jumping. My other student successfully moved up to prelim at Pine Top over Thanksgiving. I have a wonderful BO who lets me work off some of my board so that I can keep plugging away at this. All in all a successful year!