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Dec. 16, 2009, 12:15 PM
Hi everyone

I was working on coming up with an emergency action plan for the stud farm I work on since they currently don't have one or at least not one that is written done anywhere.

I have the basics like phone numbers for all staff and owners of farm to be posted in all staff housing and in stabling area and insuring that everyone has the numbers in their phones.

Ensuring everyone knows who to call in what order ( set to owner of farm perference) or what the emergency numbers are ( farm is in Australia and there are international staff)

Also I know there was a article in Horse Illustrated magazine a few years ago which i am trying to track down for other ideas.

So what are some must that should be included?

Does any else have written down action plans for emergencies?


Dec. 16, 2009, 12:20 PM
I would make sure you have someone to call for each of your staff members, in case someone was to be hurt. For example, when a fellow boarder was critically hurt, we had trouble finding a number to reach her son. We also scrambled to find a way to make sure her cat was fed.

Dec. 16, 2009, 12:47 PM
Depends on the type of emergency.

I would, for example, have an evacuation plan. This would include core staff to get out to the barn asap - it might be a neighbor, three boarders who live only a few doors away, and 5 other staff, all living the closest as possible, and the number of people depends on the number of horses. If there was a flood/forest fire where the horses have to get out of the barns and off the property, you need to know where to take them. It would include trailers and farms available to house them. I would only make this kind of emergency plan if that kind of emergency was possible - if you lived in California wildfire country, or any wildfire country or forest, you want to have a place to take the horses if you have to evacuate, and you want trucks and trailers and personell to do it with.

If you lived on the coast of florida and had to evacuate due to a hurricane, same thing.

If you lived in Kentucky, a flood might not be an immenent disaster, lest you lived in a river basin, nor a wildfire, but you have to decide based on your area.

Firstly, I would really make it simple:

BHuman Medical emergency: Post phone numbers and call 911 and don't move the patient kind of a thing. Call the owner (it happened on their property, they will want to know) call the BO or trainer and call one emergency contact of the person's.

Have an obligatory person assigned to have phone numbers appropriate for situtions. Human emergency, they should have the boarder and staff personel phone numbers and the numbers and names of their emergency contacts.

I would make a different person responsible for phone numbers for horse emergencies. Boarder phone numbers, owner phone numbers and vet and farrier phone numbers.

Folks should know which one of these two people to call when an emergency hits, such as an injured or down horse - all they ahve to do is call "Steve" and he makes all the right phone calls. That way the person can stay with the horse and receive instructions.

If a human emergency, staff should know basic CPR and pay to get them one of those classes. You should have human medical supplies on hand and I would personally put a defibrillator in the barn. The instructions should be to call 911 first. A second person can call the barn's human emergency phone number, or, the first person can call that phone number (say it is the head trainer) who will then call emergency contacts, like the rider's dad or whatever.

Horse Medical emergency: Have basic medical supplies on hand, have a truck and trailer available to ship to a clinic if needed, have the vet, a secondary vet (in case first one can't come) and farrier phone numbers posted. Call the owner of the horse ASAP until you reach them, call the BO for instructions and help.

One person, such as the BO or assistant manager should have all boarder and staff phone numbers and should be obligated to make the phone calls to boarder, owners and staff needed for a horse emergency. If boarders have horses belonging to third parties, have phone number for those horse's owners, and organize these by horse name.

YOu can sort through all that and organize it for your circumstances. I would just make it simple, not alot of "if this, then that" decisions to make at the time. Just one phone call from the person at the scene, so they don't have to try to think who to call. Let the phone call they make be to a person who will get others out to the barn and decide what to do, and to next of kin.