View Full Version : Guest Riders at Boarding Barn

Dec. 13, 2009, 03:42 PM
While reviewing my insurance policy with my agent, we decided we need to take another look at the barn rules regarding guest riders. We do require a waiver for all guests handling or riding any horse, whether owned by the farm or a boarder.

How do you other BO handle this. Do you require advance notification (that's what my insurance agent requested)? Is it OK for guest to sign waiver, not in your presence but tack it up on the board? Must they come to BO for the waiver? Is it OK for guest to ride/handle horse if none of the farm staff is on premises?

Just trying to formulate rules for the new year. Have a lesson program beginning to ramp up and an addition planned for boarders in early spring, so want to get this straight ASAP.

Would love any and all suggestions/recommendations/problems.

Dec. 13, 2009, 04:32 PM
I don't think signing a waiver and tacking it up on the board will be 100% reliable, and what if they ride first, sign later? I think the waiver should have to be signed and given to barn staff before even entering the barn. And I don't think people handling/riding animals without barn staff on the premises is safe. ANd what about people who sign the waiver and might actually be underage or some other problem that invalidates the negligence portion of the waiver? For instance, what about someone who shows up to ride, signs the waiver and is actually not wearing a helmet or other safe riding gear?

Dec. 13, 2009, 06:50 PM
I rent horses out at my barn and what I do is this; any riders or peoples handling any horses, whether they be mine or someone elses, are given a waiver by me and they must fill it in and sign it in my presence. If it is one of my horses that they are renting then they must come out riding with me for the first time so that I can assess their riding skills. After the first ride if they wish to continue riding that horse then they are allowed to come up at pre-arranged times to take the horse out regardless of whether I am here or not.