View Full Version : Bay Arabian/Andalusian in Central Florida

Dec. 10, 2009, 11:28 PM
I am looking for two horses (to know he is safe! and if he needs a home he can come back to me!).

This happened between August and December 2007. The horse was a 3 year old bay Arabian/Andalusian gelding. I have his registration papers but never did transfer them. He is bay with a white sock on the near side hind leg. He also has a star, strip and snip. I started him under saddle myself. He would still be considered green. Walk/trot, direct rein and needed a lot of leg/seat to move forward. I had him for the intent of riding in lower level dressage but he could be anything now. He would be approximately 5-6 years old, I will get his papers out in the morning and update this post.

I am also looking for another horse that is a Spanish Norman which is a percheron/andalusian cross. He is a big boy. Unfortunately I do not have any pictures of him. He is a bay also. I believe that he is approximately 4 years old now. Again I can get his exact markings and update his information

Pictures are available and can be emailed. Please PM me with any information. Thank you