View Full Version : Ultimate board fence fastener

Tom King
Dec. 10, 2009, 07:38 PM

We built our board fencing with 20 penny hot dipped nails. I never found any screws or lags that I liked enough to build a fence with. Normally, the fence is walked about once a year and any nails that are sitting proud are pulled and replaced with a 30d.

A friend gave me a handful of these and now this is what I will replace any proud nails with and also probably use to build any new fence with. 5/16" x 4" for our treated 2x fence boards.

Not exactly cheap, but neither is time and certainly not horses.

Dec. 10, 2009, 08:03 PM
Thanks. We need something for our brackets. Can I ask you about using the "star top" deck screws? Do people use those for fencing?

Dec. 10, 2009, 08:17 PM
Thanks for posting. I will have to get a few of those to keep around for replacements!

Tom King
Dec. 10, 2009, 09:13 PM
"Star Drive" screws -really TORX that have been around for a LONG time-are all I use for anything that I can now.

Dec. 10, 2009, 10:14 PM
My wood fence is all done with deck screws...they stay put.

Dec. 11, 2009, 07:01 AM
Hubby is another one who hates the nails in the fence boards and replaces any that the fence guys put in that are popping, with wood screws instead

I walk my fence lines probably 3-4 times a year at least. I get paranoid with the babies in the paddocks that investigate everything, that they may poke an eye out if they decide the grass is greener on the other side of the fence so hammer in hand, I take a few hours and examine every single nail to make sure nothing is sticking out anywhere. I know that 10 minutes after I leave, one of them may well pop a board :) but at least I try and catch it as often as possible