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Dec. 9, 2009, 10:22 PM
I would like to thank all of you who supported this petition. The following is an official statement from the Eventing Technical Committee regarding the petition:

"The Eventing Technical Committee met December 3 to consider the petition from the Young Rider coordinators. In deciding not to forward the request to the FEI, the Committee identified three areas of concern. First was the unintended consequences of the change. It is entirely possible that in seeking to correct one perceived injustice, the change would work to disenfranchise younger (14 – 15) riders. It is very likely that selection committees would opt to place older (19 – 20) riders with more experience and more experienced horses on a team rather than younger riders with less experience regardless of their ability.

The second and more serious problem is that the age grouping is an FEI designation affecting all the disciplines at the NAJYRC. Several years ago, we made a request that the FEI re-define Young Rider with a top age of twenty-five. In denying that request, the FEI made it quite clear that such a change would affect all disciplines, not just one. Currently there is no evidence that the International disciplines of Dressage, Jumping and Reining are dissatisfied with the existing definitions. In order to present a valid issue to the FEI, the petition should have support from all the Disciplines and preferably come from more than one National Federation. Should a similar petition, with the approval of all Disciplines and the support of the Canadian and/or Mexican Federations come forward, it would be more likely to carry weight with the FEI.

Finally, the Committee noted that the NAJYRC has a unique position internationally because of the waiver for qualifying requirements. They expressed the concern that a request for additional special status might jeopardize the existing arrangement. Taking all these factors into account, the Committee voted not to send the request for a change in age definitions forward to the FEI." :(

Dec. 10, 2009, 11:07 PM
Wonderment, that may be a comment but it lacks any support. Would care to elucidate?