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Dec. 9, 2009, 11:15 PM
I got up this morning to 6" of sleen (I refuse to call it snow, nor sleet, nor rain) and howling winds. I put my muck boots on, and headed out to the pasture to feed. As I walked, the sleen lifted off my boots and into the tops of them (despite them being tall), making me wonder why I didn't just go out in my stocking feet.

The horses were being pushy, because I was 30 minutes late (it took awhile to get all the layers put on), and the mud under the snow was sucking me under. I looked at the water tank, crap, it was almost empty, so I returned to the house to get the hose since I don't have a nice heated tack room.

As I was watering, I go to get the hay, and I haul an entire bale out there before I realize that it's one that got spoiled. These bales weigh more than "normal" bales anyway, so I hauled that back, got another one, and trudged through the slop to the feeder. A gust of wind picked up as I open the bale, causing me to be encased in a layer of sleet and hay.

I haven't ridden since June (except the new ride on the pony just this week) because of a broken foot and PTSD caused by a really bad riding year. So as I'm grumbling about all of this, the gray pony comes up to me, and I was scratching his neck (while still cursing at the weather) and gave me a kiss (see my other thread on off course).

This, of course, made it mostly worthwhile.

I wonder sometimes why I'm doing this. I don't have an indoor, though I'd like to someday. I don't even have a real ring - I ride on the perimeter of my yard and in a small space in my pasture that happens to be flat and not rocky. I'm landlocked with nasty neighbors who are quite particular about who is one their land (long story involving others who were careless before we moved in).

And yet, the horses make it worth it, and I wouldn't trade having them at home for anything.

I think I'm certifiable. What about you? Does the joy you get from having them home make it worth the...erm...effort?

Dec. 9, 2009, 11:21 PM
Yes. Every night when I bring Lego in, he waits for me to hug his head.

Dec. 9, 2009, 11:22 PM
I know I'm certifiable! We have -35 below windchill right now and I have been working on a fence in a blizzard, but I have to say it is 100% worth it.