View Full Version : While we're at it...one more pedigree thread?

Dec. 9, 2009, 12:21 PM
Would really appreciate your opinions on two pedigrees, anyone that has time and some knowledge!

1. http://www.pedigreequery.com/diamond+dooby+doo

2. not in pedigree query but sire is Jump Start, dam is Before My Time



Would especially love your thoughts on soundness, temperament and jumping ability--one is a green prospect and the other is a weanling, so while I certainly realize both would be gambles, any idea what I might be able to expect would be great! :)

Edited to add: aw, shoot, just lost all the stuff I wrote on my thoughts. In short: I know Mr Prospector can be a mixed bag, need to watch front legs but can be good for temperament. Personally I like the Bold Ruler influence. I don't know anything about Key to the Mint or Clever Trick. Hail to Reason, Never Bend and Buckpasser are good for eventers, right? I know I must be missing a lot, and there are some lines especially in #2 that I don't recognize at all, even aside from the Argentine blood!

Dec. 9, 2009, 04:49 PM
Rode a few Diamonds, they were very big and looked more WBish.... ran OK, is this guy in FL or still at Charles Town??? I remember him a while back, think he was just slow... Diamond got sent out west to stud, not sure why:confused: his stuff is a bit older locally but did OK.

Have not been on any JUmpStarts- but like the blood... i expect it to be a "hotter" and quicker learner than Doobie ;) and should be a blast to ride!!! Most AP Indys are smart, forward and need a quiet rider- BUT they will try there butts off for you!!!!

If you are looking for a big quiet resell i would go for Doobie- if you want a fun personal horse might try the other guy-
Of course only if they vet out!!:)

Good Luck!!!