View Full Version : Hairnets and Tipperary's

Dec. 8, 2009, 06:16 PM
How do you wear your hair with a Tipperary helmet?

I can't put my hair in a down pony tail with mine because it hurts the back of my head since the back of the helmet comes down so far. Because of this, I can't wear a hairnet and all of my hair ends up falling out all over the place because I have such layered hair. My trainer can't stand it when our hair gets in our faces, she doesn't say anything to me because she knows it's only temporary and normally I wear a hairnet no matter what, but I hate the feeling of being so messy, and it really does make it harder to see. I've tried to use bobby pins and snap clips to hold my hair up, but there's just so many layers, a hairnet's really the only option for keeping it all in. So is there a secret, magical way for fixing your hair with a Tipperary?