View Full Version : Info on 1991-ish QH mare Lucy, sold in KY

Hampton Bay
Dec. 7, 2009, 03:22 PM
I bought her from a lesson barn in KY about 6 years ago, and I know they had purchased her in June of 2003 along with a chestnut pony named Molly.

Lucy is about 18 or 19, 15.2h chestnut QH mare sold without papers. She has two hind socks and a blaze with a couple chestnut spots. She had weaned a colt sometime right before the lesson barn purchased her.

The pony she came with had been used in PC and was quite a nice, well-trained little thing. Lucy, however, had very little real training at the time.

Just curious if anyone knows anything about her past, before her time at the lesson barn.