View Full Version : Propane stock tank heaters

Dec. 7, 2009, 12:23 AM
Anyone use these? I have two that when they work - they are awesome... But, I have a huge problem lighting them in the wind (and cold), and even though I put them up in the summer, every year I have ended up having to replace the internal themostat piece, which isn't cheap... Mostly, I'm wondering how others light them in bad weather. Cheap fireplace lighters and Bic's just don't cut it. They get too cold to work properly, or blow out to quick. And.. Of course It's below 0 tonight and one of mine broke last friday. I did get the other one lit, but I have a feeling the thermostat is not working. But, at least it's running.


Dec. 7, 2009, 01:46 PM
How about those little bottles of propane with the screw on torch unit? Tom King has said how well they work for warming frozen things around the farm, gates, locks, and my husband uses one for lighting the grill in the cold.

I don't think the flame can blow out, you have to turn off the fuel first. You do have to buy new bottles of propane, but they are small to hold in one hand, do hold quite a bit of fuel. Our's lasts quite a long time when used for various jobs around the place.

I think they are available at the hardware store here.