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Dec. 3, 2009, 08:35 PM
little disclaimer, mods: this is NOT an ad for my tack, as I am selling my things to a girl in the barn, NOT ONLINE, I just want opinions on how to price accordingly.

So we've got 3 trial horses, (one for me, 2 for these little girls) and the vet comes tomorrow. We expect everything to go clean. I am moving up from a pony, and one girl has a pony on trail. They'd like to see if they can get some used stuff before spending money on new stuff. I've got plenty of stuff from my pony, that my lease just ended with (and i am moving up to horse) and they'd be interested.

Here's what I've got for them to look at:

1 Beval Newport bridle, that normally went for about 400 new. I got it new for about 180 or something around that number at the beval sale a few years ago, and it was already on clearance, so that's why I got such a darn good price. It is in excellent condition, no scratches or anything, all the stitching is good. I have no idea how to price it, because I feel it's unfair to ask anything close to 180 because that's what I paid for it and it's used, but again, it was originally sold for 400.

1 leather pony martingale. I honestly don't remember the brand. It might be collegiate or ovation or something, but I can't find a stamp for a brand. i just know i paid about $80 for it. It is plain raised leather, leather's nice and soft, no scratches, stitching is good, it's cleaned frequently. $45? should i go lower?

1 korsteel bit: full cheek, slow twist dr bristol. I think i paid about 40$ for it new. it's been used obviously, but there's no real wear on it. the edges of the twist aren't "worn down" or anything. It's clean. (going to put it in the dishwasher though just to make it perfectly clean)

1 integrity linens wool cooler. It's a thick charcoal grey wool, it's in very good condition, nice and clean, fits the pony, and it's got navy trim with hunter piping, it's got a fancy hip ornament and tail braid thing. i'm not really sure what to ask for it, because I bought it from my friend 2 years ago when she outgrew her pony. I dont know how old it is, and I don't know exactly what the price of a new one is. It is in great condition, no tears or snags, stitching's good, and everything's basically perfect. I paid my friend about 70 for it, though she said she would've asked for a lot more if I wasn't her best friend.

A set of leather pony boots, open fronts and ankles, lined with neoprene. Hook closure. They are the "Dover Premier Pony" here's pics of them from dover
here's the horse version of the pony boots, but the pony ones cost 99 new.

they're super durable, I've had them since late 2007, and only started to use the open fronts often in the past few months. I have not used the ankle boots. They cost me $200 total. Considering I never used the ankles, I would like to get *something* around 100 for the ankles, but I don't want them to feel like they're getting ripped off. is $80 for the ankles fair?

And I'm not sure how to price the open fronts. I clean them every time I use them, and they're in very good shape. No discoloration, the leather is lovely, and the straps are all good. There are scuffs on the back of the boot, but that what they're there for. They are only noticeable if you are looking very closely. Again, that's the job of the boot and I suspect that any used leather boot would look like that. Is $50 fair? should i ask more or less?

40" girth. I have to check what brand, but I paid about $60 for it at a discount place. I bought it only a few months ago and have been washing it every week to keep it looking nice. $40? do i need to go lower?

82" plaid wool quarter sheet, made by integrity linens. never used. unfortunately, despite the fact that i am about to sign the papers for a 16hh warmblood, 82" is still way too big. (i mean, i guess it's nice that she doesnt have a super long back) I won this in a raffle. I have no idea what it would go for new, but because it's by integrity i'd assume around or upwards of 200. But I think that $150 is a nicer price.


Dec. 3, 2009, 08:59 PM
I couldn't tell you price for each tack, but when I approached Beavls with a whole bunch of items (bridles, martingales, girths, stirrups leathers and irons, leather boots, show cooler and sweat sheet) to sell for my boss last year, they told me to expect at least 1/2 of what I paid if in good condition. Everything was very lightly used, and was able to get at the very last 1/2 the starting value on eBay.

Dec. 3, 2009, 09:02 PM
I agree - if in good to great shape, half its retail value.