View Full Version : Horse trailer question- I'm getting one!

Dec. 3, 2009, 12:58 PM
So I'm all lined up to get a tahoe SUV. To occasionally pull a trailer that I do not have yet....! The tahoe is all suped up for towing and I don't be doing too much, just mainly as a mean to get my horse somewhere if needed.

So I have been looking at some trailers. Just 2h BP. I want to keep the thing as light and agile as possible, so no tack rooms etc.

But I keep thinking I'd like something simple, like a stock-type, but for 2 horses (even though I only have 1). I saw some used ones for sale and I like the idea of the horse have some room (tied of course) because franky all of the dividers and bars have started to make me a bit nervous at times.

My only concern is about unloading. There isnt anything in the back (besides the door) to prevent the horse from trying to back up. And my worry is that if they are tied and try to back they might get freaked. The answer should be simple, have a horse that ties well, but that's kind of a wish. Sometimes they are good tying, other times they arent. I've got one TB and- he is fickle.

Are there any solutions for that? Like having a bar or something on the back. Just looking for ideas and how you all use your trailer if it's stock type.

Dec. 3, 2009, 01:00 PM
You can have a bar put in quite easily, but typically you just throw the rope through the bars, close door, walk around and tie. When you unload do it in reverse, untie, open door, walk out.

Dec. 4, 2009, 12:16 PM
I'd do what mjrtango93 said if hauling alone. It's nice to have a second person in that situation, though. They can let you in the back door and push it closed after you, providing at least a visual barrier to prevent the horse from backing out before you're ready.

I use one of these (http://theclip.info/) every time I haul. IMO, it's a safety feature especially when you're unloading alone or with a horse that might decide to pull back or turn around.

Another thing you might consider is a weight-distributing hitch.

Congrats on getting a trailer. :) Have fun trailer shopping.