View Full Version : Dog bone shaped French link (Eggbutt) Snaffle?

Nov. 29, 2009, 05:40 PM
I happened to borrow my trainer's French link eggbutt snaffle bit and my horse loves it. I had previously ridden him in an Ultra KK loose ring snaffle with lozenge (from breeder/seller) and oval and other French link eggbutt snaffles, but he definitely prefers this specific bit. I am going a tad crazy trying to find one.
The center link is longer and thinner than a typical French link i.e. shaped like a "dog bone" (not a Dr. Bristol). It has a straight mouth (not curved like a JP) is lighter in weight and duller in appearance than my other stainless steel snaffles. It has been suggested it is a Pessoa Metalab Comfort Snaffle,
but their new French links have the typical fatter, shorter moutpiece. I realize this is a stretch (I can submit a photo tomorrow) but if anyone recongizes this bit I would be eternally grateful

p.s. just ordered a Stubben French link Eggbutt (has longer French link) but I think the mouth might be curved