View Full Version : Several of our rescues went to eventing homes...

Lori T
Nov. 28, 2009, 10:26 PM
...so please consider reading about the Secret Santa for Rescues on the Off Course thread go to the www.specialhorses.org website and help us save more potential eventers (as well as other horses!). Just click on Heart Land Horse Rescue.
Heart Land thanks Ruthie Harbison and Third Charm for adopting 2 of our rescues this year. Ruthie adopted Louie, a 3 year old TB who was being starved in Ocala. Third Charm adopted an 8 year old TB mare we rescued from a dog pen.
We are really excited to follow the progress of these two horses!
You can see their before and after pictures at our website, www.heartlandhorserescue.org
under 2009 rescues

Thank you!!