View Full Version : How old were your kids when they moved out?

Nov. 26, 2009, 08:19 PM
My 22 year old son is working on buying his first house. It will have to be a fixer-upper, but he is good at that (when he isn't playing video games.) I will miss his help around the house and farm, but it's time for him to go. Anyone else have kids that are leaving?

Nov. 26, 2009, 08:39 PM
My 22 yr old Son is house sitting for the next three weeks - i am so lonesome! He is commuting to college daily and nearly done - then he'll be on his own within a year or two. :( i know he has to leave the nest sometime - but i am not ready yet! :sigh: He is a first born and was an only for 8 years...He is my "easy one" fun to be around, always polite and helpful. I know it's coming....and I will let him leave and take full flight when the time comes. Then crawl in bed for three days and cry my eyes out. He is the kind of boy that makes him momma proud! A good kid - when he decides to go I will be happy for him.

Nov. 26, 2009, 08:43 PM
My oldest is only 14 and my youngest is 12, and right now I am sooo looking forward to the day they move out. They are both either going directly to college or the military, so they will definitely be leaving soon after high school graduation. But as much as I look forward to them leaving, just the thought at times, and reading of other people's kids leaving, brings me to tears. They may be ornery at times but I love my boys!

Nov. 26, 2009, 09:19 PM
All moved out when they went to college...middle one came home afterwards for a bit to complete her masters. Then got her first rent and moved out after her masters when she got her first career job. (works days as a high school counselor and a few nights a week as a dance instructor)
My oldest went to college in Boston and stayed there after graduating for the next 8 or so years. She moved back to CT almost 2 years ago and bought her first house. She never came back home again. I was her legal guardian, not her birth mother.
My "baby" is 16 and leaves for college in 2 years. *sigh* They grow up so fast. She's only going for 2 years college though, then right into the police academy. Will finish her degree through the PD...at least that's been her plans so far for the last few years. (forensic science and criminal profiling is her aim) She's already taking courses through her high school for this.
I do miss my girls and will miss my baby when she goes too. I drag the older ones home as often as possible. My oldest gets married in a few months...my middle daughter I keep offering to finish the walk out basement into an apartment for her, LOL! I keep warning my baby I might go to college with her.
I do like them to get out on their own at a relatively young age...by the age of 14 I start teaching them things like balancing check books and managing finances, managing a household, how to cook, pay utilities, use coupons, shop for bargains, haggle vehicle prices, handle relationships, deal with bosses and other employees, how to interview for jobs, etc. Basically everything they need to be totally independent.
But then once they move out and become totally independent I try to convince them that now they've proven themselves they can come back home because I miss them. :winkgrin:
(it doesn't work :()
That's one of the hardest parts of being a parent. We work like heck to make sure they can leave the nest and function well in society and not need us...then miss them like heck. :sadsmile: