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Nov. 26, 2009, 08:47 AM
So let's just say my mom isn't very good at hiding my christmas present! She is having a tack trunk custome made for me. Right now I'm using a veryyyy small rubbermaid. The one in getting is going to look just like the Phoenix West Prestige tack trunk but the inside is going to be different.

I haven't bought a lot knowing that my small trunk can't hold anything! So I'm worried that my I won't have anything to put in my new one!

So tell me what's in your trunk?

Nov. 26, 2009, 09:22 AM
I will start by saying that both girls and currently 3 ponies share one trunk!! so it has everything AND the kitchen sink in it!!
I cleaned it out the other day and here is what I found,

three sheets
two grooming boxes, 4 helmets, 2 pr spurs, 2 pr long chaps, 2 sets of polos, 1 bottle show sheen, 1 bottle of fly spray ( does that stuff will work next year) 8 saddle pads, two lollipops, 2 pr half chaps, two pair of muck boots, two pair of sneakers, abotu 8 pr of dirty socks, three sweatshirts and ONE carhart coat!!!
We are not talking a huge trunk either!!! I have removed the sheets, and the clothing that belongs in the HOUSE and not the barn, I took home the helmets that they are not using, and I got a smaller rubber made box for the saddle pads, NOW you can find what you need in there I added a small plastic box to hold extra bits and smaller things like spurs and gloves that constantly get misplaced and I glued a small plastic ziplock baggie to the inside of the lid for hair nets and hair ties ( they have a life of their own and are now currently living stuck to ANY velcro ANYWHERE around the farm)
Your trunk sounds like it will be HUGE will your saddle fit in it? that always seems to take up a lot of room. We keep ours on saddle racks that hang on the wall. And we have a long bridle rack for bridles plus a rack to hang girths on, so none of that stuff stays in our trunks!

Nov. 26, 2009, 09:35 AM
Your trunk sounds like it will be HUGE will your saddle fit in it? that always seems to take up a lot of room. We keep ours on saddle racks that hang on the wall. And we have a long bridle rack for bridles plus a rack to hang girths on, so none of that stuff stays in our trunks!

It acually is not that big. but i do not have my own horse, a lease. and i ride anyhting thats given to me. therefor i dont have a lot of stuff in my tack "station" i guess you can call it that, i have a saddle rack two brilde hooks and a shelf above my trunk. the saddle pads are on the shelf and the saddle and bridles are on the hooks. so there is no need for my saddle going in my trunk

i have so far:
grooming stuff
saddle care stuff
show sheen
and i can prolle dig up some other stuff that i have lockd away that wouldnt fit into my temporary trunk!

Nov. 26, 2009, 10:46 AM
I do not have a tack trunk(but I want one for home!!) But I have a locker at the barn. And it has in it:

-2 saddles
-2 bridles
-2 girths
-5 helmets(my self and 4 of my kids)
-5 sets of half chaps
-bag with brushes
-bucket with bath stuff
-box of misc shampoos/krudbuster/rainmaker/swat etc....
-fly mask
-2 sets of bell boots
-more gloves than I can count
-iced tea
And I am sure there is more more more in there. I want one for home too, so I can move some of the stuf out of there. And I need a place to keep the blankets and sheets that are not in use.

Nov. 26, 2009, 10:46 AM
For my "at home" trunk - stuff I use everyday - I have a grooming tote with all the usual (brushes, curries, hoof stuff, liniment etc) and another tote-type box that holds vet. supplies - ointments, gauze, thermometer, vetwrap, dosing syring, and so forth. In the top tray I have a stud box, sunscreen/hand cream, bandaids, hairnets and a couple copies of my USEF and local association cards (in a plastic cover) so that I always have them handy if needed.

Our tack and saddle pads live in the tack room, but I keep a spare bridle, my helmets, gloves, sticks, paddock shoes, half chaps etc in my trunk. I also keep stuff like a rain jacket, spare socks, a polo shirt and pair of breeches and a sweater in there because I ride after work and have been known to screw up and leave one of those items at home when I'm rushing out the door in the morning.

For my horse, I keep a scrim, an extra cooler, his "every day" open fronts/ankles, polos and a set of rarely-used no bow wraps and flannels.

Enjoy your new trunk; that is a VERY nice present!!

Beau Cheval
Nov. 26, 2009, 10:48 AM
My horse just left and since he went to live with my cousin, I sent up pretty much all his stuff. :sadsmile: but my necessities are:

baby pads
thinline sheepskin half pad
bell boots (regardless of wether or not horse actually uses them lol)
grooming kit includes: stiff brush, medium stiff, soft, metal curry, rubber curry mitt, hoof pick, hoof brush, absorbine thrush medicine, feiblings, pine tar, hooflex, hoof heal (yeah I'm into hoof goop) detangler, show sheen, fly spray (summer)
rubber tub for foot soaking
epsom salt
bathing stuff:mane n tail shampoo and conditioner, vetrolin liniment, betadine, sponge, sweat scraper, mitt, Equyss (sp?)fungus shampoo, gloves, Excalibur
leather cleaner: butet cleaner, leather therapy, lexol, sponges, bit wipes,
Equyss fungus spray
extra lead rope (for grazing bareback)
lunge line
extra halter (pony was a halter tag fanatic)
clippers and charger
I also keep standing wraps and poultice usually
Tri-care ointment
Quarter sheet (winter)

I don't keep my riding stuff in there anymore, but I used to leave my boots, paddocks, half chaps, gloves, helmet, hairnet, crops, spurs there too. Now I have a backpack with all that stuff because I was riding a horse at another barn too last summer.

admittedly, I spent four years gathering all that, but that is what I genuinely feel I need. I used to put stuff in a rubbermaid tub. Everyone made fun of me because it was always overflowing. My trainer got to the point where she was about to GIVE me a tack trunk, but then my dad finally finished making mine (yes, he insisted on using his woodworking skills instead of spending 500 bucks, but it actually paid off. I lovee loveee loveee my trunk)

Have fun!

Nov. 26, 2009, 11:04 AM
I'm asking my dad to build me a trunk for Christmas... so I'm designing it more as a tack locker with wheels, and I want it to hold:

Extra bits
Saddle pads (in flip up compartment at top)
Polos, boots, wraps
Grooming kit
Spray bottles--fly spray, Cowboy Magic, etc.
Hoof dressing
Tack cleaning supplies

That's all I need to really reach on a regular basis, everything else can go in my Rubbermaid trunk, and my Western saddle and bridle and pads can go on a standing rack. I bring my helmet/chaps/gloves/treats with me to the barn and home in a carrying bag. (:

Nov. 26, 2009, 11:13 AM
I have a trunk from Beval and keep a ton of stuff in it so get ready! ;)

- a tupperware full of ear stuffers
- some hoof stuff like thrush buster, tuff stuff, and the healthy hair care hoof moisturizer
- a bunch of sprays (show sheen, premier, rubbing alcohol, etc)
- a scrubbing mitt and shampoo
- ointments like nolvasan, vaseline, and mega tek rebuilder
- a few rags
- extra bits and bit wipes
- extra spurs
- clippers
- a little tupperware with tylenol, sunscreen, and chapstick

and that's just the small stuff!

- a grooming tote full of all sorts of brushes and curries, hoofpicks, mane and tail brush, etc
- a full set of standing wraps for after a hard lesson (4 pillow wraps and 4 bandages)
- at least 3 or 4 saddle pads at any given time
- sheepskin half pad
- fuzzy schooling girth
- helmet and hairnets in helmet bag
- 2-3 sets of polos (my horse wears them everyday)
- bell boots
- probably some open front boots and ankle boots for schooling
- carrots!

then some seasonal stuff like riding gloves, extra hand/toe warmers in the winter, a bucket full of bathing stuff (sweatscrape, conditioner, sponges) in the summer

hope this helps! :)

Nov. 26, 2009, 01:08 PM
Hey I have a med/lg sized tack trunk. It's not wide or deep just a little longer than most. My trunk is for everyday and when we go away for shows, also my horses lived at home up until a year or 2 ago so here it goes.

bandage lid:
- set of pillow wraps
- set of no bows
- 2 sets of standing bandages

left side:
- 2 pairs of clippers
- blade wash
- hair moisturizer
- big thing of epson salt
- 2 boxs (100 ea) of syringes
- 1 box of needles
- hoof dressing
- bag of cotton balls
- easily 2-3 pairs of bell boots (my horse goes throw them like candy :P)
- small container w/ extra double end snaps and vet wrap
- small container w/ hair spray, combs, yarn and other braiding supplies
- rubbing alcohol
- set of studs and tools for them
- suran wrap

pull out tray:
- 4 sharpies
- miracle groom wipes
- pack of index cards
- pack of ear pom poms
- 1 pair of spurs
- 1 container of bute
- trail size bottle of furacin
- reg size thing of furacin
- ithammol
- tampons (yes its a must)
- band aids
- meat tenderizer
- neosporin
- alcohol wipes
- bottle of ace
- bottle of banamine
- bottle of depo
- bottle of estrone

right side:
- grooming tote
- leather darkening oil
- 2 3lb buckets of vita B
- 2-3 sets of polos
- 2-12 baby pads/saddle pads
- lots of treats
- helmet
- half chaps

And I think that's about it guys and this is only for 1 horse currently! I am missing a few things but I make it all work and fit. My bathing supplies, tack cleaning stuff and poultice are kept in the bathroom/supply area to save room in my trunk.

My saddle has a rack above my tack where I hang his show halter and lead from. I also keep 1 fleece girth and 1 leather girth there, half back pad and a saddle pad. My 3 bridles hang up on the wall w/ my extra bit, martingale, training yoke, draw reins, and show girth. All of his blankets that are 'in use' hang up across from his stall w/ towels, fly spray, rubbing alcohol, skin/hair conditioner, more bell boots, front n hind eskadrons, and heidi boots! I have a trunk at home w/ any blankets that aren't in use to save space at the barn.

Nov. 26, 2009, 05:40 PM
I have one of these (http://www.statelinetack.com/item/horsemens-pride-tack-trunk-with-tray/SLT311002/) with wheels, no black tray because I takes up too much room.

The list begins...
-20 qt bucket with three 8 qt bucket stacked inside. Holds bucket ties, pieces of strings and a bridle hook for shows.
-Bathing equipment. Includes regular shampoo, conditioner, Quik Black, whitening shampoo, dandruff shampoo, curry comb, sponges, sweat scraper and a mess bag to hang up wet sponges to dry.
-Tack cleaning supplies. Lexol conditioner, saddle soap, neatsfoot (sp?) oil, metal polish, toothbrush, sponges
-Lunge line and side reins
-Boots and half chaps
-Joint supplement
-Candy canes
-Open front boots
-Ankle boots
-Pull on bell boots
-Leather splint boots
-Bell boots with velcro
-White polo wraps
-Duffel bag with riding pants, socks, hair nets, hair bands, a brush, tennis shoes, t-shirts
-Extra lead ropes
-Extra stirrup leathers

I have a bandage rack above my trunk for pressure wraps and another set of polos. Bridle is hung up above tack box. Saddle rack next to my trunk is for saddle pads and I have a cart with a saddle rack where my saddle goes and stuff I use every day. Behind my trunk are rubber boots, saddle rack and an eventing vest. Blankets are hung outside stall.

Nov. 26, 2009, 06:38 PM
4 saddles, two western, one AP, one CC.
6 saddle pads, 4 english, 2 western.
Grooming tote full of brushes.
Washing tote full of shampoo and necessary brushes.
Bridles, enough for each saddle and a couple extras.
Extra headstalls, reins, bits.
Stable blankets, 2.
Winter blankets, 2.
I keep a jacket and a hoodie in there also.
I also keep all my boots/wraps in there as well as lineament, bute, banamine for those just in case days.

I made my own trunk and I really need to make another that fits this all and some more. I want to be able to keep my show clothes in there too :)

Nov. 26, 2009, 09:15 PM
Beyond a ridiculous amount of what my trunk can hold, my sister and I share with two ponies and a horse. We keep all blankets, tack, boots, chaps, helmets elsewhere because there is simply no room left!
2 sets polos
2 sets jumping boots (front and hind)
4 no bow wraps
4 bandages (no bows together)
duck tape (you never know =) )
box of mints
perfect prep powder
4 sets of spurs (all different kinds)
2 crops (schooling and show)
braiding yarn (white, chestnut, black)
braiding stuff (pull thru, aid, quic braid, elastics)
neatsfoot oil
lexol leather cleaner
wayyy to many sponges floating around
little container to pour oil out into
2 tubes bute (old horse's joints mostly)
bottle banamine (heaven forbid)
some syringes
bottle ace (painting the white pony for summer camp)
3lbs succeed
2 giant bottles aloe vera juice
perfect prep paste
perfect prep extreme
baby wipes
another thing of baby wipes?
shedding blade
2 giant grooming kits with brushes
baby powder
baby oil
baby shampoo
mane and tail shampoo
mane and tail conditioner
jelly scrubber
venice turpentine
hoof moisturizer
banixx (great anti-fungal stuff)
wound dressing
mane pulling comb
thrush buster
6 double ended snaps
crochet ear net
show touches white spray
canter mane and tail detangler
emergency blanket repair kit (dental floss, needle, thread, mini scissors)
black sharpie
a few hair elastics
2 pairs of gloves

It goes on and on. I don't even know how it fits anymore =)

Nov. 27, 2009, 07:23 PM
Well, I have 2 of my horses at home, so the at home horses' stuff is all over the place...the tackroom (just a couple of things though, which is odd), my bedroom, and the spare bedroom. I don't know why.

The trunk at the barn with the horse I have to board has:

grooming totes (contain brushes, combs, ointment, I think a loose ring bit and some bit guards???, liniment)
Hoof Shield and Durasole
lunge line
2 pairs of half chaps
4 or 5 whips
several sets of polos
2 sets of open front and hind boots
bucket of MTG, shampoo type stuff, etc
spare helmet
spare gloves
several leads
a fly mask
many baby pads
Sheepskin half pad
french link bit
a sharpie and pen??
bot knife
bridle bag with one of my bridles and my horse's martingale
I'm sure there's more, but you get the gist.

I keep his bridles and girth on hooks next to my trunk, and I take my saddle home with me for my horse at home that I ride.

Sounds like a great Christmas gift, I'm sure you're stoked!

Nov. 27, 2009, 08:53 PM
I have a fairly large trunk, but also have to use an "overflow" tub for the stuff I dont use often, bought and didnt need, etc. My main trunk contains:

Stall guard
fleece cooler
several bits
hardware (name plates, eye bolts, etc)
helmet box: helmet, hairnets, gloves, strings, etc
2 crops
5 pairs of polo wraps
1 set of open fronts
many bottles of various grooming products
grooming tote with brushes and hoof picks, combs, and other general grooming stuff
treat bucket
leather care products
and many other various "things"

Nov. 27, 2009, 10:23 PM
My husband gave me the best wedding gift of all time a few months ago- 2 custom oakcroft trunks with bandage lids- one large (HUGE), and one medium (small enough to convince my trainer to bring along to shows, but still big enough to fit a ton of stuff inside). I LOVE my trunks. Good, custom trunks are something that can truly last a lifetime if well cared for.

I have most of my stuff in these trunks. One is for "everyday" type stuff- brushes, bathing stuff, liniments, medications, tack cleaning supplies, etc. Basically, everything that could spill/make a huge mess goes in the small trunk so that my fabric stuff doesn't risk getting ruined by something like MTG/neatsfoot oil. I use the bandage lid in my small trunk for yarn (I am a braider, so I have 6-10 colors at any given time), and the larger half for 2 boxes of purple nitrile gloves, vetwrap, and a small container of treats.

In the large trunk, I keep all my "linens". Wraps, boots, cooler, dress sheet, scrim, irish knit, rain sheet, 3-4 clean baby pads, etc. In the tray, I keep my bits and spurs, and a checkbook (crucial, haha), plus a few trinkets that I lose all the time (martingale stoppers, earplugs, hairnets, etc).

My helmet, saddle and bridle live in the tack room where they can stay out of the humidity/extreme cold. I have the luxury of having the tack room be a part of the house, which is attached to the barn, so it's really convenient.

Before I had these trunks, I kept my things in my tack locker, which currently holds almost nothing (buckets, dirtier saddle pads, spare girths, spare halters, 2 sets of clippers, whips). I also had 2 small "dan's" trunks- the colored vinyl/plastic trunks. They currently live in my basement where they hold old stuff/extra stuff/stuff that doesn't fit my current horse.

Nov. 29, 2009, 02:58 AM
So, I have my box organized with lots of containers. I favor this sort: http://www.sterilite.com/Category.html?Section=Kitchenware&ProductCategory=169 because they're airtight, water tight, rodent/odor/bug/etc proof, and they stack securely. I have all shapes and sizes. Using those, I have my trunk and wall box organized into lots of smaller boxes:
-Odds and ends (tools, bridle parts, leg straps, ziploc bags, supplement containers, dosing syringes)
-First Aid (just in case meds, neosporin, bandaging materials, elastikon...)
-Hoof Packing (Filled from my big bucket of forshners)
-Studs (Wrench, Stud Suds, Actual Studs, Tap, Brush...)
-Ear Puffs
-Small Odds and ends (in trunk lid, seam rippers, ear bonnet, saddle tight, braiding bands)
-Personal Items- (tylenol, prescriptions, sunscreen, chap stick)
-Meds (gastrogard, needles, syringes, whatever that horse gets at the show)
-Braiding (yarn, seam ripper, scissors...)
-Lunge Line. I have one of those webbed flat ones and it contorts itself into the craziest knots when I put it loose in the trunk, so I coil it up and fold it in half and then put it in a box to keep it from getting tangled.

Then in the brush box that came with the trunk, I keep all the bottles of things, poultice, paper, and duct tape. Coolers, saddle pads, helmet, chaps, boots, all of that live on the other side of the trunk from all the boxes.

Nov. 29, 2009, 03:57 AM
My Dad built my box (closet) for me. It can hold averything I own, but some things I keep at home because I don't want them to get dirty. so it has,

riser pad
half pad
4 saddle pads
1 bell boot (yes only one lol my horse ripped the other one)
gallon sized conditioner
about 5 empty bottles of shampoo ( I will refill them...someday)
mane slinky
3 halters
2 lead ropes
3 extra bits
vet wrap
other first aid stuff but don't remember all
longe line
gloves helmet
blade coolant
water bottle
hair tie
hmm I think thats all I cam remember

Love the custom made box tho!

Nov. 29, 2009, 08:18 AM
Congrats on your new trunk!

If it is not varnished on the inside, you might think about doing that before you use it.

In addition, invest in a stand or a couple of lengths of 4"x4" to use instead.

Both of these are about keeping moisture from getting into the wood on the inside of your trunk.

My trunk looks like Lucassb's-- it contains both daily-use stuff (plus a set of wraps, a cooler and a quarter sheet in the winter), some first-aid type stuff and the small doo-dads we all need around.

I'll put horse boots in there, but I usually don't store tack in my trunk (see moisture concerns above).

Whatever I put in my trunk is clean, or pretty clean, when it goes in. I hate trunks that smell musty when you open them.

Enjoy! It's great having a big, pretty trunk of your own at the barn.

Nov. 29, 2009, 12:36 PM
What isn't in my tack trunk?

I have a big wooden trunk with a bandage lid. (The first thing I did was install wheels on it.) Currently, bottom to top, it's holding:
Irish knit sheet, rain sheet, wool dress sheet
Spare bandages folded flat
A stack of 5 or 6 baby pads
Grooming box (holds everything that I take to the horse's stall--currently a mix of grooming and first-aid items, plus some wraps)
First aid box
Half chaps, helmet, fleece jacket
Miscellaneous bottles that aren't used every day
Bucket of poultice
Bucket of tack cleaning supplies
Sliding tray with hooks on the side from which hang the bit collection
Towels and rub rags
Small plastic organizer containing hole punch, gloves, small first aid items, hairnets
Clipper bag, mirror, random horse shoe, horse treats, medications
More polos than any horse legitimately needs

Nov. 29, 2009, 12:44 PM
Grooming tray
- brushes
- hoof pick
- sponges
- saddle soap
- liniment
- detangler
- ear stuffy thingies

Everywhere else
- baby pads (5)
- half pads (2)
- polo wraps
- helmets (2)
- eskadrons
- lunge line
- side reins
- bits
- betadine
- rub rags
- horse treats

And I think that's it...

Nov. 29, 2009, 01:26 PM
Just cleaned out the box today. Fun stuff.

• towel at the bottom to line it - it's easier to shake out the towel than try to get dirt out of the bottom of the trunk, believe me.
• one cooler
• one or two saddle pads
•*belly guard slip
• extra girth
• eq boots... when was the last time I did eq? Five years ago?
• full set of heidi boots.
• full set of eskadrons
• sweat scraper, shampoo, conditioner + other horse washing necessities (old brushes, rags, hoof oil...)
•*grooming box
• 394823948 hair nets
• helmet
• boots + half chaps
•*923432 spurs
• crop
• chapstick
• hair ties
• two polo wraps
• standing wraps
• fleeces to put on my halter for shipping
• gloves

... I believe that's it.