View Full Version : How to Fix a Cow-style Round Bale Feeder So It Doesn't Rub off Mane

Nov. 26, 2009, 08:37 AM
We bought a cow-style round bale feeder because it was way more affordable than the horse style feeders, and predictably my horse has rubbed his mane off on it. I'm brainstorming ways to gerryrig it so that the mane doesn't get rubbed off. I'm thinking of taking the foam pipe insulation tubes (not sure what the they are really called, but they look like long foam tubes) and duct taping them to the top bar of the bale feeder. Any other ideas? Thanks.

Nov. 26, 2009, 01:08 PM
Whatever you choose to do, is not going to work well, or even at all, because you have the wrong species for the feeder design.

Maybe if you had very small ponies who could stick their heads straight in, you would get no rubbing. But taller horses are just going to rub manes unless you take off the upper pipe. If you remove the pipe, then the strength of the feeder is gone, and you might have an equine INSIDE the feeder without any taller barrier to keep him out.

You could just roach/hogg his neck down, quit looking for a nice mane if you continue to use this feeder.

He is going to rub on ANYTHING you put around the pipe above his neck. Adding things like pipe foam, may mean he rubs hair even worse, because they are not metal slick. Horse just wants to reach the hay inside!

Sometimes a piece of equipment made for another species body style, just does NOT WORK WELL when you try to cut corners or expenses. You save the money, but then the side effects show up, like mane rubbing or even worse things. Horses are not designed for sticking heads into low-down, enclosed holes for eating hay.