View Full Version : what mementos can be made out of horse hair?

Nov. 24, 2009, 04:27 PM
i know some folks make bracelets out of the hair.

what other options are there?

friend's mare who was euthanized yesterday had a beautiful WB tail.

Nov. 24, 2009, 04:43 PM
Oh, lots of things. There is some quite lovely horsehair pottery out there, links have been posted in these parts before. Also, in addition to bracelets: bola ties, hatbands, fly whisks. I've always wanted to have a belt done and have enough hair left over from bracelets and etc, but haven't found anyone to take it on for me.

Nov. 24, 2009, 09:30 PM

War Admiral
Nov. 24, 2009, 09:43 PM
Necklaces (if you have lonnng tail hair); key chains...

Puddin Pie
Nov. 24, 2009, 09:43 PM
I have 2 lovely bracelets made by cottage tails-I got them this summer when the writing was on the wall for chello and I wanted them for a happy memory before hand, and I could not get one with out the other horse too. I just got a new Dressage Extensions catalog and there was a "do it yourself" braiding kit. Looks temptins, especially if you have a horse with a big tale and you can play with it while the times are good.

Nov. 24, 2009, 09:45 PM
I had three pots made with Rudys tail hair last year. Beautiful pieces of art.

she stamped his name and date into the bottom of each one and returned any unused hair.

Nov. 24, 2009, 10:11 PM
I got a cool fly whisk made from one mare's tail, and a bunch of western "shoofly" tassels made from another's (one used to hang from her girth, the others hang on my wall at home). The fly whisk is fun. Also hangs on the wall as decoration. (Both mares are still alive, I was just being proactive! :D )

Nov. 24, 2009, 10:43 PM
I'm in the process of making a browband using tail hair. The browband will be for my young horse, and will have his chestnut tail hair, as well as his 30 year old grandsires' white tial hair and his now deceased dam's gray. I'm going to braid it and inlay it in a leather browband blank.

His Greyness
Nov. 24, 2009, 10:52 PM
Birds built this nest entirely out of His Greyness' hair. (http://i31.photobucket.com/albums/c373/HisGreyness/Dougal/bn4.jpg) He was the only grey horse at the barn at the time. When I groomed His Greyness his excess hair went out with the manure to be dumped on the field nearby. The barn owner found the nest in a bush near the barn in the Fall after its residents had moved on.

Nov. 25, 2009, 11:30 AM
Birds built this nest entirely out of His Greyness' hair. (http://i31.photobucket.com/albums/c373/HisGreyness/Dougal/bn4.jpg)

that is so cool :)
love it!

Nov. 25, 2009, 12:32 PM
I have a friend who makes memorial jewelry from horsehair. If you PM me I can send you to her Etsy site. It's beautiful work, and someday I will get a piece made from my mare's tail.

Jingles for your friend.

Nov. 25, 2009, 12:44 PM
I highly recommend creating a memory pot. I found this idea on COTH and used it when both my aged mare and aged cat died. I had two pots made and they turned out to be gorgeous. Ida is the best to work with, too.


Holly Jeanne
Nov. 25, 2009, 12:48 PM
I found a local potter (well about an hour away) at a craft fair who does horse hair pottery. She formed the pot and then I took the hair up and watched her decorate the pot with the hair. She also put the horses name around the rim. She will actually customize so I'm going to have a vase shaped one done with my older mares hair as soon as I can. Oh, and I took her some hair from another horse and gave it to her for future pots as she makes them and sells them at craft shows but doesn't have her own horses.

Nov. 25, 2009, 12:56 PM
Our very own brockstables makes LOVELY bracelets and keychains. She made me 2 bracelets and a kechain earlier this year from shivers tail and they're lovely.

Nov. 25, 2009, 01:28 PM
We do horse hair pottery, unfortunately our bisque kiln is down at the moment so no custom work (but we hope to be up and running soon). There are all kinds of possibilities with this technique. Here are a few...

This is my first horse, I had saved his hair for over 30 years and hubby made this one for me


This is what the kiln looks like when we open it


Here's one with carved horses incorporated into the design


Here's an urn we did for a friends horse


Here's an ornament


We can incorporate a braid or lock of hair as well, so the possibilities are endless. there are a number of potters that do great work in this area




Dec. 4, 2009, 05:40 PM
All sorts of jewelry is made from horsehair. Necklaces, rings, earrings and pendants. Try www.solenarodesigns.com (http://www.solenarodesigns.com) Best of luck.

Dec. 4, 2009, 06:09 PM
Ida is the best isnt she? I loved her and her work. I have one, got one for a friend and another friend has a pot by her. All three are beautiful.

Dec. 4, 2009, 07:08 PM
I love the nest! Must find some unemployed birds and try that one out ;)

We recently lost our beloved Friesian cross gelding, and saved some of his luscious tail hair. Since my SO, his owner, is a guy, jewelry wouldn't do. So I struck on the idea of having a miniature knotted rope halter made of his hair.

I emailed about 8 different horsehair jewelry places, and most of them couldn't fathom how to make it. Finally I found one who was up to the challenge and I am very happy with the result, as is my SO :sadsmile:

Here it is:


Dec. 4, 2009, 08:31 PM
I have a friend who makes all times of braided horse hair jewelry. PM me and I'll give you her Etsy page..

Drive NJ
Dec. 4, 2009, 08:47 PM
We too got a horsehair pot to remember my long-time horse Macrae. I found this potter in California who does this gold/rust finish that is gorgeous.

My pot is lovely and I have since used Castlewood to create a gift for my BO with hairs from her horses for a happy memory AND a wedding gift platter to hang on the wall for a very good friend with her horse's tails.


She does terrific work and is great to work with. Mine also came with a tassle of left-over hair too.

There are many horse hair potters mentioned, its a wonderful gift that helps me remember my boy with joy.

Dec. 4, 2009, 11:26 PM
I liked the idea of a ring, but... I couldn't find many who made rings and the one I did find went in for giant stones for the most part. I don't wear rings, so it's sort of pointless anyway. :o

I thought horsehair pottery was kind of neat, but I don't really think a pot would suit. I do like the little horse busts at the link NJRider posted. My recently departed boy was chestnut so the raku would be perfect for him. Maybe this can be my (late) Christmas present. :sadsmile: