View Full Version : Blackwood - 1983(?) black TB gelding

Nov. 22, 2009, 11:25 PM
Admittedly this is a longshot - I haven't seen him in 10 years. But I found this board over the summer and figured it was my best chance. I adored this horse and have been wondering about him for a long time.
Blackwood: 16.2-16.3hh black thoroughbred gelding, no white markings, would now be approx. 26 years old. While I knew him (1998ish) he was stabled on Long Island (NY) in Huntington. Before that he did the preliminary jumpers and was sold in the mid 90's (I believe from Bobby Ginsberg's barn) to the woman that I leased him from. I rode him until ~1999 and wasn't able to continue leasing him after that. His owner could no longer afford him due to a divorce, and she ultimately decided to send him to a friend in the Catskills, which is the last I heard of him. My teenage self didn't think to get more information about where he was headed. Lost touch with his owner and not sure how I would find her now - as far as I know she no longer rides, couldn't find her on the web etc.
I'm not certain that Blackwood is his papered name with the Jockey Club. There was a Blackwood born in 1983 in the registry but he's described as a bay. This horse did bleach out quite a bit in summers so not impossible that he was taken for a dark bay at some point - otherwise would be a strange coincidence. He was definitely recorded by the name Blackwood with the (then) AHSA, and his record still comes up (with old owner's name) on the USEF website.
I would be incredibly grateful for any information about this horse. Please PM or email goldstandard4@gmail.com
Many thanks~