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Nov. 22, 2009, 07:29 AM
Yesterday and friend and I went to the Grand Opening of Garland Mtn. in Waleska, Ga. I was pleasantly surprised! We took my 4 year old that has had a lot of trail experience but can still get nervous at times and my friend 7 year old Hanoverian with limited trail experience. Both horses did great!

The trailer parking is great! You pull through, there is plenty of space and no backing required. There is a restroom in the parking area. The trailhead has a large kiosk with maps and other important information. The trails are VERY well marked so you do not get lost or wonder where you are.

Right now there are 6-8 miles of trials with plans to have 13 total. The trails were not very difficult but wound their way up and down the Mountain. There are a few creek crossings along the way but they are not wide or deep. If you have a barefoot horse there were a few rocky areas but my barefoot horse was not bothered by them and his feet looked fine after the ride. I would say over half the trails were good, soft footing.

Three warnings: There is not water in the trailer area so bring your own. some of the trails were narrow so passing was difficult/impossible (we ran into a lot of gaited horses so I wanted to mention this because I always let them pass me). There may be some road riding required. Several horses came back alongside the road where in some areas there was no or little shoulder, the road is curvy and cars may have a hard time seeing you in some places. We never found the trial that led to the road but I wanted to warn people just in case.

Overall it was a nice day and I would go again!

Nov. 22, 2009, 09:47 AM
I rode the trails in August before they were officially opened and thought they were very nice. Good footing and nice parking area.

Oct. 16, 2011, 09:33 PM
I thought I would resuscitate this old thread. My husband and I and our two dogs visited Garland Mountain this Saturday. It was GREAT! Now, we were horseless, of course, but we did come across plenty of riders (most were nice with the exception of one or two.)

We politely pulled ourselves and our two well-mannered pooches off a good 10 feet from the trail and allowed horses and riders to pass regardless of what direction they were coming/rules of the trail. While I knew our dogs wouldn't do anything, you never know if a horse is "dog broke" or will strike out with intent. We had plenty of room to step off the trail and let the horses pass, but I imagine as mentioned above, that passing in some of the other parts would be tricky (but not impossible with a good trail horse.) The one thing we did watch out for (and keep an ear open for) were any folks trotting or cantering the trails as we sure as heck didn't want to get stuck face-to-face with a cantering horse and our two dogs.

We hiked the Palomino trail which was nice with varied elevation and one teeny tiny water crossing. When you got to the end, you could pick up the green trail and continue out to others.

The trails are well-marked indicating where to go to follow the trail and how to get back to the parking area.

The parking area is plenty big for even the largest rigs. I just wish more folks would follow the very simple request of "please pick up your manure in our parking lot" and "please do not muck out your trailer in our lot." :\

There is a camp toilet there, and there is also a covered picnic area. Both the toilet and the picnic area have hitching posts set up for your horses.

It's a great smaller trail system for weekend riders (I imagine weekday riding is even LESS crowded.) We went about mid-day, on a nice Saturday in the Fall, and we passed....two other hikers and a total of three groups of riders.

We can't wait to spend more time there as it took us about 15-20 minutes to get there from our house.