View Full Version : waterproof and breathable summer footwear?

Nov. 16, 2009, 05:56 PM
I have the Ariat Terrain H2O insulated boots for winter, which I love. Waterproof, warm and comfortable.

And the Ariat Springbuck boots for summer, which I also love. Lightweight, breathable and comfortable.

My problem is that my horse is a splasher. The deeper the better, and he actually smacks his hoof on the water to make it splash higher. And he will splash BEFORE he drinks, so I can't just pull him out of the water before he starts splashing.

So he does that at the beginning of a ride, and I'm stuck riding the next 15 miles in wet socks until I can get back to the hold and change them. And even then, my boots are still wet.

Any ideas for something that is lightweight and comfortable for warm-weather endurance rides, but will keep my socks dry? What do you like?