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Heinz 57
Nov. 14, 2009, 02:01 PM
About mid July, I broke my left foot - or, more accurately, my 5th metatarsal, which is that long bone on the outside of your foot. Specifically, I fractured it at the head/neck, up near my actual toe. It healed just fine and is mostly functional - it still hurts minorly if I roll my foot wrong, and I still don't weight it in the same pattern/sequence as my right foot. It doesn't hurt, per se, in everyday walking, but it definitely feels different still and I'm not 100% comfortable running on it or walking long distances.

To the problem. Because of the injury, and the fact that I still tend to stand more on the inside of my foot habitually to 'protect' it, I'm putting a lot more weight on the ball of my foot in the stirrups. Now, right or wrong, I've always had a fairly even distribution between inside/outside weighting of my feet in the stirrups - I don't tend to turn my toes out very far, maybe 15-20 degrees. And its worked for me quite well.

My right leg and foot perform as they always have, while my left leg is doing an odd combination of twisting at the ankle and turning out. See here for an example:


I feel like it is making me somewhat unsteady, mostly due to the whole breaking/twisting ankle. I know this isn't the left leg, but I promise it's doing the same thing - I can't find any pre-injury pictures of the left side. (and please, ignore the knee hanging horse!)


Since we so conveniently have about six months until the season starts around here, I'd really like to work on this and get myself straightened out. I have a green bean that will hopefully be making her BN debut next summer and I can't afford to be crooked and loose.

Ideas? Exercises to fix this? I can't be the only one that has ever broken this bone.


Nov. 15, 2009, 08:44 PM
Centered Riding instructors should be able to help you with this. Go to their website to locate an instructor in your area. Alternatively, a Feldenkries practitioner would also be able to help you - most are general practitioners, but Mary Debono near San Diego works specifically with both horses and riders. Again, you can contact them through the web.

Good luck with this and congradulations for not being willing to accept this incorrect position.

Lifelong Horse Lover