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Nov. 8, 2009, 04:24 PM
Greetings. I read the "no advertising" rules and I believe the below post fits within them as an allowable post. I am in no way assoicated with Allison's business (though I am a friend of mom and dad's) or Oakwood Farm.

I received the flyer below via email this moring and thought it might be of some interest to some here:

"Allison Springer is one of the most successful Olympic
Contenders in our country today! Allison combines her talent as
a rider with a growing renown as a trainer and coach. Allison
represents the best of America’s growing equestrian talent as
both a rider and a trainer. Allison was named to the United
States Equestrian Team’s Training List. Allison has graciously
agreed to conduct a clinic at Oakwood Farms of Barrington, and
share her Thanksgiving vacation with all who desire to improve
their riding skills and communication with their horse. Her focus
on positive reinforcement and straightforward analysis has
made her a popular and much sought-after instructor for both
amateurs and young riders.

"Allison Springer Clinic November 29th & 30th

"Clinic Information
Clinic is held at Oakwood Farms of Barrington, 362 Bateman Road
Barrington Hills, IL. Clinic fees are $ 600.00 for two days, $300.00 for
one day and $150.00 to Audit. Clinic will start at 9:00 am both days.
Lunch, beverage and overnight stays and stalls for your horse will be
included in the Clinic fees. Fees for participants without a stall are
$450.00 for 2 days and $225.00 for one. As openings for this clinic are
limited, please call Catheleen LeCompte for a reservation at (847) 809-

"Oakwood Farms of Barrington/ 847-809-4829."

Hope some find this useful,

Nov. 8, 2009, 10:10 PM
Wow, that sounds like fun, but that is soo expensive!! My clinic with Jimmy Wofford (which included xc) was cheaper. And it sounds like the stall is $150 for 2 days? That is half my board a month!

Nov. 9, 2009, 01:50 PM
sooooo expensive!