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Nov. 6, 2009, 11:53 PM
I may be in need of a new boarding situation. Currently doing the hunter thing, some local shows and the occasional "A" show. Not sure that's what I'm going to do forever.

I am looking for a barn that has at least one decent sized ring with jumps, decent facilities, and maybe some trails available. I would love it if the barn had some ponies/kids as I have one of those too. She's not sure she wants to stick with the hunter thing either, so eventer kids are fine! She could be converted..haha.

Some questions:
does your ring have lights or do you have an indoor?
How much is board for full care? Pasture board?
What do you LOVE about your facility?
AND..how close are you to Fredericksburg??? My schedule can be weird, so I am trying to stay within 30-45 minutes.

Please help! Thanks a ton!

Nov. 7, 2009, 09:26 AM
Is there a tack shop where you can feels some places out? When I worked at a tack store we were often asked about boarding situations.For your daughter, I would also suggest looking for any pony clubs that might be close by. I personally think that pony clubs are fabulous for kids - it teaches them much more about horsemanship and offers up different activities besides just showing. And a strong parent volunteer base.. - at least that's been my experience w/ the pony clubs around here - very much a family thing which is wonderful.

From pony club/tack stores you then might get some great recommendations on boarding situations. Often there are nice "private" barns which take boarders but rarely advertise etc.The 2 barns I've boarded at rarely, if ever, had ads for boarding - just word of mouth.

And this forum can be a great source for leads/recommendations. Best of luck to you