View Full Version : Any problem with this method of preparing soil?

Oct. 28, 2009, 08:17 AM
I've noticed that wherever I put the 'playpen' (pipe panel paddock) the ground is chewed up pretty well, pretty fast. Most especially if there is rain. Looks a lot like rototilled...

But is it?

If I put up some panels in the area I want to garden next year... leave a couple horses in there when they're not out on pasture... they'll eat the grass, then grind and dig up the soil... Even add a little fertilizer to it...

Seems too good to be true?

Oct. 28, 2009, 09:31 AM
Been doing a variation of that for years! :D

My squash patch this year was in what was a 20x50 corral for several years that never got cleaned out. There's a whole foot of the beautiful-est black dirt you ever did see on top of what otherwise would be pure clay. Super easy tilling (I have one of those little Mantis tillers), which I really just do to knock the weeds back on their heels long enough so my seeds started in peat pots can get ahead of them.

Generally, I open up this area in winter so the horses can get in there and poop for continued soil improvements. Well, actually, I do it because it shortens the distance I have to lug hay and water, but same effect.

I've got another area that the pasture horses use as "stand around and poop" ground that I'm trying to figure out how to fence so I can appropriate it for garden use in summer.