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Oct. 27, 2009, 08:16 PM
Good evening,

As of noon, the chance for rain on Saturday, 31 OCT is steadily increasing. It currently calls for 50% chance of rain and has been increasing (was 30% a few days ago, 40% yesterday, etc).

In light of that, we are looking at a rain date contingency for the ride of holding it on the same time and at the same location, just on SUNDAY 1 November 09. This has already been okayed by the Morven Park management. I have also received a confirmation from our ride leader that she is available that day as well.

At this time it is just a contingency. The plan is to make a decision based on weather by THURSDAY evening, 29 OCT 09. I plan to send out an email to those who have RSVP'ed between 6-8pm that evening (I am off from work THURS and FRI to prep for this) and can also call folk if they would like (they will need to PM me or email me their number).

I will also post an update to the schedule here- either confirming SAT as the date or advising of a need to move to SUN. I will do that THURS evening as well.

Thank you for your patience and flexibility as we watch the weather patterns.


Just as a reminder, here are the details as the currently stand for this year's Virginia Appaloosa Horse Club (VAApHC) fall trail ride at Morven Park in Leesburg, VA on Saturday, 31 OCT 09. If you are on "CC" line this is primarily informational but you are certainly welcome to respond to me and let me know if you would like to participate/ride (and you may tell your friends who may be interested).

Again, here are the details for the ride as currently planned for your info:

WHO: members of VAApHC (www.va4apps.com) or TROT (Trail Riders of Today, www.trot-md.org ). If you are not a member you may/must sign up at the ride. Membership forms will be in your ride packets the morning of the ride.

WHAT: approximately a 5 mile trail ride (1.5 to 2 hours saddle time), mostly at a walk but possibly some trotting where the going is good (and we will halt and wait for any of those who walk only after our short trot as a courtesy). We will stay off of any rocky areas as much as possible (i.e. will try to stay on grass and dirt paths/trails). We definitely WILL enjoy the lovely grounds and hopefully splendid fall foliage of this hunter-free estate.

You are also welcome to have a tailgate picnic at your car/trailer after the ride (bring your own food and drinks). Please take your trash home with you.

WHEN: Saturday, 31 October 2009. The ride start time (when we hit the trail riding) is 11AM sharp.

WHERE: Morven Park International Equestrian Center in Leesburg, VA http://www.morvenpark.org/equestrian_center.php

The park is located right off of Route 15. Coming south on Rte 15 from Frederick, you turn right at Tutt Lane (which comes after Victory). If you come north on Rte 15 from Leesburg, you will take a left hand turn onto Tutt Lane.

Then you will take a left into the North Rte 15 field where we will be parked and starting the ride. There will be water and port-o-potties available.

Look at the graphic here on the website at the bottom of the page; we will be in the "North Rte 15" parking area. There will be a sign where you turn into the field (big poster board sign saying "TRAIL RIDE, VAApHC and TROT members)


WHY: for a safe, fun time in the fresh air of the outdoors on this beautiful 1,000 acre estate park.

***Administrative details: all must sign liability waivers for Morven Park and for the clubs as required prior to mounting up. Please bring your current Coggins paperwork as required by state law. There is a $20.00 grounds fee payable to Morven Park for each horse on the grounds- cash or check please.

Morven Park Equestrian Center manager Shannon Pedlar was to lead the ride, but she has a business engagement on the west coast, so now we will be ably led by Mary of the Loudon County Horse Association and some of her colleagues (www.loudounhorseassociation.org).

In case of inclement weather forecast, please feel free to contact the undersigned via to confirm if the ride has been canceled/rescheduled.
Thanks!!! I hope this answers any questions you may have.



Oct. 29, 2009, 07:19 PM
Good news!!! The weather is cooperating- partly sunny, breezy and high in the 70s. Does not get better than that!!! Feel free to join us (reservations not required but are appreciated)!!! Happy trails wherever you ride this weekend.