View Full Version : Codorus State Park, PA- any recommendations for a trail riding rental stable?

Oct. 26, 2009, 11:09 AM
Does anyone have any recommendations for a rental stable for trail rides @ Codorus State Park in PA? I have a few friends who would like to go horseback riding there but do not own their own horses. I believe there are a couple of heavier riders (about 240-260 lbs). Any recommendations? There are about 6 people total & 4 of the 6 are green, 1 is a beginner, but unsure/slightly timid (due to a recent fall she had on her horse. She is nervous about riding her own horse again, she is a heavier rider, & is afraid to "screw something up" w/her horse. Essentially, renting a horse will serve as a confidence builder for her). Thanks in advance!