View Full Version : Dale Creek Hunter Pace

Oct. 24, 2009, 11:45 PM
Patrick and I spent the morning at the Dale Creek Hunter Pace in Litchfield Park, AZ. They ran three divisions with secret optimum times meant to be done at an easy canter, trot, and walk. Most of the Pony Clubbers went out in twos and threes, which was fun to watch.

I went out alone in the canter and then the trot group, not really going for time, just to get Patrick out in a new place. I've broken my big brave event horse by never letting him go cross country! He was tense and looking at *everything* the first time out. Apparently if he's steered *around* a jump, there must be something wrong with it and it must be given the evil eye and snorted at.

The second time out an hour later was much better, we even jumped a few of the little logs. He splashed through the water with no problem both times, but that's never been an issue. That met my goals for the day!

Here are some pics... http://www.pbase.com/wendysmoak/20091024hunterpace

I particularly enjoyed the combination course 'walk' and hay ride. :) We should do this at events!!

The other amusing bit was the "Warning: Rocks may spook your horse" sign. I laughed at that, but sure enough, the rocks were (apparently) scary. Just ask Patrick. Obviously they've had enough trouble with this that they've put up a permanent sign... go figure.

We didn't win the timed events, but we were awarded "Best Dressed" for our maroon and black ensemble, and Patrick got a bag of treats. :)