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not again
Oct. 24, 2009, 04:35 PM
What a great web site!!!


It is really great to have the video of xc, especially to see the American bred horse in the 7yo group!

Oct. 24, 2009, 07:55 PM
Le Lion really is a great predictor of event horse superiority. Just for giggles, here are the first five results by year. You'll have heard of most of them. If any other super horses placed, I'll add them as well. Many of the riders got the horses young and kept them all the way up the ranks.

1998 (not divided by 6 and 7 yo)
1) Ingrid Klimke Sleep Late 2004 Athens Olympics
2) Jean Teulere Danton de Mansaut disappeared
3) Oliver Moore Lord Killinghurst 2008 HK Olympics
4) Brook Staples Kinlochleven xx disappeared
5) Didier Courreges Debat D'Estruval 2004 Athens Olympics

1999 (not divided by 6 and 7 yo)
1) Tina Cook Captain Christy Euro Champs. 2001-3
2) Melanie Vallet El'iot disappeared
3) Jean Lou Bigot Epsom Bird xx disappeared
4) Pippa Funnell Jurassic Rising good *** horse
5) Didier Willefert Edouard de Chaluss disappeared
9) Leslie Law Shear L'Eau 2004 Athens Olympics+

2000 Seven Year Olds
1) Pippa Funnell Primmore's Pride 2004 Athens Olympics+
2) Eddy Sans Feu d'Uxelles disappeared
3) Didier Courreges Free Style WEG Jerez
4) Sarah Cohen The Wexford Lady Burghley, Badminton
5) Andrew Nicholson Flush Banker 2004 World Cup

2000 Six Year Olds
1) Nicholas Touzaint Galan de Sauvagere 2004 Olympics, Euro champ
2) Cedric Lyard Galaour du Clou disappeared
3) Jerome Villars Prim Fast disappeared
4) Anne-Laure David Gibsy II 1*, 2* horse & YR
5) Eddy Sans Groseil du Saillan disappeared

2001 Seven Year Olds
1) Nicholas Touzaint Galan de Sauvagere 2004 Olympics, Euro champ
2) Andreas Dibowski FRH Serve Well Aachen WEG
3) Sam Griffiths Private Colin Burghley, Badminton
4) Jeanette Brakewell McGuigan 2* horse (imported to US?)
5) Frederic Aronio de Graffiti IV 1, 2, 3* horse

2001 Six Year Olds Histoire de Triballe 2, 3* horse
1) Karim Florent
2) Jean-Jacques Hadji des Gats 1, 2*, disappeared
3) Nicholas Touzaint Hidalgo de l'Ile 4*, WEG Aachen
4) Clayton Fredericks Ben Along Time 2008 Olympics, 4* etc.
5) Didier Courreges Hiawatha Borealis 2, 3* disappeared

Don't know what happened in 2002, but there aren't any results on the database I'm using.

Will do more later.

not again
Oct. 27, 2009, 01:21 PM
Thank you very much for the statistics! It would seem some horses disappear for the usual reasons, i. e. injury, rider change, difficulty moving up etc.