View Full Version : Talk to me about head to head trailers

Oct. 23, 2009, 02:54 PM
I have been in serious need of a 4 horse trailer for a long time and am now finally starting to look. I am set on a straight load 4 horse head to head with dressing room. I typically haul a bunch of ottb's heading off to their first few outings after the track so things can get interesting sometimes when they are left alone or have to stand for extended periods of time on the trailer. That leads me to questioning what kind of setup do I want. Do you prefer full dividers from top to bottom? How about the front's? I saw one model of a 4 star that had stud gates top to bottom in front of each stall but they operated individually unlike the full divider.
I like the idea of that especially since I have a horse who enjoys self destructing if he knows he can. Putting him behind a full door or a box would be the best option.

What options have you had that make life much easier? Safer?

Do I need extra high or width for any reason? Oh boy so many things to think about:eek:

I am completely uneducated about trailers so I intend to start doing a lot of research and shopping trips to see what I like. I am not opposed to buying used either just not sure what brands are good.