View Full Version : Overnight stabling around Las Vegas NV or St George UT

Oct. 22, 2009, 11:40 PM
Hi All,
Anyone know how to locate overnight stabling? Traveling from CA to Salt Lake City along I-15 next week and looking for a place to park motor home and put up 3 horses overnight. A corral would be fine but we also have electric fencing. We are going to Antelope Island on the Salt Lake to participate in the buffalo round up! Any ideas/advice greatly appreciated.

Painted Horse
Oct. 23, 2009, 12:25 AM
Harmony Horse Haven Horse Motel
2321 S Washington Fields Rd
Washington, UT 84780
(435) 673-3991

Steve Haffen has about 40 full time horses boarded and usually has room for 6-8 transient horses. 12 x20 padocks. He also has a nice arena you can turn out in for a little exercise before you put them in the stalls. Have not been down for a few years since my Mother in law passed away, But he always runs a nice place there.

There is Washington county fairgrounds in Huricane Utah. They have box stalls you can rent for the night.

There are several others up closer.
Spanish Fork,
Salt Lake Equestrian
The legacy center in farmington
GoldenSpike in Ogden

Painted Horse
Nov. 2, 2009, 08:25 PM
So Mukluk how was the Buffalo roundup. It was reported in the local paper that only 3 horses got gored by buffalo this year. It was also reported that the buffalo were kinda stubborn this year, refusing to move away from the horses and had to be chased by 4x4 vehicles the last part of the push.

If you came up, where did you overnight. Give us some feed back on your pit stop.