View Full Version : SPINOFF: Trainers, how do you handle client entries?

Oct. 19, 2009, 11:42 AM
This is a spinoff from the "bad trainers" thread where folks are talking about why trainers would send in entries instead of the clients, etc....

I have known one or two trainers who fill out and send in everyone's entries, just so they know who is actually entered and paid for. Having had situations where people 'forgot' to send in their entry and didn't tell me until after the closing date, leaving me with an empty nonpaying trailer spot, I have considered the possibility.... teaching responsibility is a lovely thought, but usually irresponsible kids belong to irresponsible parents who don't see why they should pay for their empty spot!!!

Since eventing is not like Hunters, where you can just say "hey, suzie, janey decided she's not going to the show, you wanna go?" and do a post-entry, how do you handle entries to make sure your trailer is full, everyone gets to go that wants to, etc. etc?

At my barn, we have a signup board, with the events we're planning to attend, with how many trailer spots are available, well in advance.... everyone is supposed to sign up, send in their own entries, etc. Only once have we had a 'bad egg'... this spring one client signed up for two or three shows and xc schools, didn't send in an entry or remove their kid's name, and I ended up with an empty trailer spot (fortunately they moved on to less committed activities and are no longer at my barn).... another barn I know of has a signup board, but charges a "deposit" when you put your name on the board (tried that, it was a pain keeping track, but might do it again) .... just in case!

Just wondering what other folks do.....


Oct. 19, 2009, 11:51 AM
one of the trainers i rode with did this, he would have me or one of the other students fill out all of the entry forms, and then send one check to cover all of the entry fees. He would have his book keeper bill the client for the entry, trailering(if needed) and any other fees associated with the show.

There were some students that sent in their own entries, but we usually just did it in one big envelope with all of them together.

It worked for him, but in your situation why don't you have everyone that signed up on the board come a day or two before opening day to fill their entry out and give it to you to mail off with any of the others? you could put them all into one big envelope and send it on opening day. that way you know who is going and that the entry form is filled out correctly.

Oct. 19, 2009, 11:59 AM
EventEntries.com is GREAT and it takes hardly any time at all to enter a horse/rider at a show. (It does take a little time to set up the horse rider info at first.) Many of the shows even accept credit card payment when you enter. Or, give the parent the electronic entry receipt and have them send in a check or you collect checks from each of them and send it in yourself so that you are sure it has been done..... Unfortunately, it will never be effortless to manage and coordinate your clients and there is always going to be a "Bad Apple" in the bunch. EventEntires.com works great for us.