View Full Version : Need to find a good barn near Norfolk, VA

Oct. 19, 2009, 11:19 AM
Ok, we are moving once again... this time to the Norfolk area. Yes, we are a military family and my husband is back on a ship next summer.
Any suggestions on good event barns? Or any facility with trails, jumping arena, good trainers and maybe an indoor?

Oct. 19, 2009, 02:02 PM
I don't know of any Event barns. Lots of Hunter/Jumper and Dressage in the area. The Military has a barn in Va Beach - Oceana Stables. I think there is always a wait list, but try them and see if they know of other options. They do have a cross country field, and beleive you can trailer in to use it if your Military or dependent.

Ridge Runner
Oct. 19, 2009, 02:04 PM
You aren't going to find many event barns in this area I'm afraid...much much hunters and dressage. Indoors are kind of rare also but there are a couple of places in our area with them. In this climate though, you can generally ride year round without an indoor.

A lot will depend on where you live, how far you want to commute and what your budget is. I'm assuming your husband is Navy? Will you live on base or close by? I do run a boarding farm but I'm probably on the outer range for someone living in the Norfolk area as my farm is in South Suffolk. We do have some trails in our area but riding in hunting season is limited for obvious reasons!

There are a few other posters from our area and hopefully they will see this and chime in.

Oct. 20, 2009, 08:06 AM
How much do you want to drive? There are no barns in Norfolk- you will either go to Virginia Beach or Chesapeake. How much do you want to spend?
A nice barn with an indoor is:
they are hunters but I would look there. You will be near Tina Bodner and could haul out to leasons or probably have her come in since they do not offer 3-day type lessons.

Best of luck and welcome!

Oct. 20, 2009, 09:02 AM
Who is Tina Bodner? I will be looking for a good trainer so any suggestions on that will also be helpful.
I am willing to drive 45 min. Since my husband refuses to get stuck in rush hour base traffic we will most likely live in Larchmont, Ghent or East Beach. Since I work from home my schedule is flexible and I don't mind driving longer distances as long as I don't get stuck in traffic on the bridge tunnels.
I am probably willing to spend up to $550/month. I am not picky about pasture or stall board since my TB is pretty easy.
I've considered going to Suffolk and have my eye on: Happy Valley Equ Center, Indian Point farm and HorseSpa. I've also heard good things about Bridlewood farm in Chesapeake and maybe ArborGate.
We are going to the area to check things out in Nov and I hope to get a better idea on locations, drive times, and just the general feel of the facilities out there.
I just hate to go to a new place "blind". Thanks for all the help.

Oct. 20, 2009, 09:18 AM
Tina is the only event gal around teaching. She has a small barn in Chesapeake-no indoor but might be around your price range.

Any barn is going to be a 45 minimum drive if you live in Norfolk. I know, because I live between Ghent and Larchmont :lol:. If you work from home you MUST leave your house no later than 3 pm or you will add about 30 minutes to your time (if there are no accidents). You will be driving when the base lets out and that is not a good thing :no:. I CAN work from home but do not, for that very reason. Easier to start my drive from my work!

I am not very familiar with the other barns you mention, though a few of names are. I have lived here 12 years and am actively involved in the local hunter scene and show at the A shows-so maybe the barns you mention are more for casual riding and trails? Sorry I cannot be more help in that area. Let me know if I can help, though! :)

Ridge Runner
Oct. 20, 2009, 09:55 AM
Well, if you are thinking of coming as far as Suffolk, you might as well look at my farm also. www.rbefarm.com (http://www.rbefarm.com) I'm just down the road from Happy Valley. We are full service with a nice big comfortable barn and safe new fences. We are off the main road and have some trails...but as I stated, it is seasonal use due to it being hunt club land we border. I have jumps, lights on my big arena, room to gallop, and I'm fine with folks hauling in. I'm also an eventer but have not competed in a while.....my last competitive year was 2002.

If you want to pm me, I'll tell you what I know about the other Suffolk barns if you have any questions. Also please feel free to visit when you come to the area.