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Lori B
Oct. 18, 2009, 10:04 AM
Anyone have a report on Loch Moy Unrecognized yesterday??
It was a very soggy day in Maryland, that's for sure.

Dr. Doolittle
Oct. 18, 2009, 11:17 AM
Well, I'm sure the long-suffering Tazzie will weigh in here (she was there ALL day, braving the cold to start the brave souls who decided to go x-country!) A BIG thanks to her and Carolyn and everyone else; I was one of the lucky ones in that I volunteered LAST weekend there, and only coached yesterday (was there from 9:45 until around 2:00--and was soaked to the skin and freezing...)

I had two students riding, and one of them did very well in the dressage and stadium (despite the puddles everywhere, fractious horses, etc.), and once she took a look at the x-country, opted to make it a CT...Her horse is 21, this was their first HT in 3 years, and she tends to lose confidence (even with studs) in sloppy footing. A wise decision, I thought! My other student (a 14 year old at her first HT) fell off in dressage warmup when her horse humped her back in the canter transition, threw her head in the air, tossed my student off the right side, and took off (with the saddle now sliding off to the side), galloping through the stadium warmup :eek: My poor student, wet, freezing, now crying, and covered with bluestone--got to watch her mare take a tour of the lower field (at the gallop) with the slipped saddle now underneath her belly (the girth hadn't been loose, but the horse, saddle, girth, saddlepad, etc. had all been soaking wet, so when the mare threw my student off the side, the saddle kinda went with her...) Fortunately, as I comforted my student, her mare came to a stop and let some kind stranger catch her. We got the wet, bluestone covered saddle righted, got the crying kid back aboard, she rallied, "gutted it up", and went into the dressage ring and put in a good test, teeth chattering the entire time (luckily Dale, the dressage steward, was willing and able to move her test to a later time--for which we were very appreciative!!)

She opted not to do stadium, which was probably wise; live to fight another day, and all that. There were some scary rides (that I saw), but no major mishaps--just a generally miserable day, weather-wise--but thanks to Loch Moy for putting on a wonderful competition at their splendid venue (SO frustrating for my students to not be able to fully appreciate it, thanks to Mother Nature :(), and also for being so accomodating, as always.

Many of the competitors braved all 3 phases, but some opted to skip x-country; I walked it with a friend after all the divisions (except Elementary) had gone, and there were lots of slick spots at the takeoffs and landings--some were under water! We stomped in a LOT of divots while we were out there, so hopefully it will dry out these week without huge holes left in the ground. They wisely postponed the volunteer schooling day until Monday (and I will be out there later this upcoming week with the greenie--who I opted to scratch yesterday. I did *not* regret that decision ;)) I'm looking forward to enjoying the nice weather we will FINALLY have, so that we can actually enjoy ourselves. :sigh: Mother Nature was quite unkind this weekend, and a HUGE thanks to the volunteers who stood out in the cold rain all day helping the competitors! :yes:

BTW, the water complexes are deeper than usual, so be aware when and if you school there this week!

Oct. 18, 2009, 02:18 PM
Hey- We did the photography for the event yesterday. The fall colors and rain made for some awsome pictures! It rained all day and I give props to all who participated!!!

Here is a link to a few pics--- http://www.flickr.com/photos/17778771@N04/4022473417/

Anyone interested in thier pictures please contact Mark Uziel @ 301-873-8728
or at mbuziel@yahoo.com

Oct. 19, 2009, 08:46 AM
The show actually went very well!

Dressage arena held up perfectly.

Stadium arena had some puddles in front of the jumps, however the puddles did not make the footing slick at all.

XC held up amazingly well considering the conditions. 3+ inches of rain before the Saturday, then Saturday it rained all day. The rain went back and forth from a light drizzle to a shower.

I was running startbox. There were some scratches, but overall alot of people came. The Training & Novice riders rode very smart. They went out of the start box knowing the conditions so they were careful of the tracks they took to the fences, but they didn't ride backwards to the jump themselves.

I was most proud of my Beginner Novice and Elementary riders that showed up. They all rode dressage in the morning then jumped 2-3 hours later. The riders and trainers were SOAKED. But they were smiling. Multiple riders told me (as they were done XC) that it was worth it to get soaked to be able to get a great run XC.

IIRC, we only had 2 falls. One in dressage (already told by Dr D) and an adult in Stadium. No falls XC. Some slippage on wet grass overall XC, but everybody came home safe.

Oct. 19, 2009, 09:35 AM
Everything seemed to run smoothly at Loch Moy, despite the rain and cold. I was impressed at how effortlessly the organizers seemed to make changes (e.g., rider who learned the wrong dressage test and had to go later so she could take a few minutes to learn the right test, rider whose horse got very anxious before show jumping and had to move up in the order). The footing was amazingly good. Since a lot of horses were a bit fresh from the weather, the good footing was particularly important. I did not see any falls, or even any almost falls. The event was very well run, and the courses and footing were great.