View Full Version : Spin-off Wicklow video, now multi-steps

Oct. 16, 2009, 11:41 AM
I loved the Wicklow video.:yes: The triple steps down reminded me of the amphitheater at The Cotton Patch in Tryon. The USET trained there in the 50's and Cotton Patch had a wonderful outdoor course with natural hedges, a normandy bank, stone walls, all the lovely, old, natural stuff. There was an amphitheater, where the spectators sat and watched and they incorporated 3tiers with a stride between on one side and 5 bounces on the other. So you rode up, around the crowd and back down again. I've seen photos with fences in various positions before or after and they usually put something at the back on top. It was hallowed ground, you felt it when you walked across the place, very, very special.
A friend of mine ran a Dressage and CT business out of there in the late 80's early 90's and we schooled there everyday. We had a CT once and in cleaning up some of the overgrowth/underbrush found remains of many more old fences. We cut a key hole out of 2 cypress that had long since hidden the stone wall between them.
Anyway, I'm reminiscing on a foggy morning. The point was, those banks were so much fun and they really taught you to adjust RPM's. You really had to keep coming up the bounces and you couldn't let a big horse leap out coming down the 1 strides. If they didn't drop down and stay round the last was always awkward. It taught you to deal w/ it as it was happening, especially on ponies and horses w/ short strides, package your pony and let them pat the ground, but have something reving in the engine - much like a Lucinda Greene clinic, the distances weren't important. How you got your horse to the distance and how he delt w/ it was important.
Loved, loved, loved that place.
FYI - The bastard who bought it and said he "understood the heritage and would never change anything" ripped everything out, put up high tension wire and pastures cows on it. You know, it's a farm and he needed the ag.tax credits. He was NO HORSEMAN!!!:no: