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Oct. 15, 2009, 12:28 PM
Eddo Hoekstra will return to Sonesta Farms for another clinic January 21-24, 2009. His last clinic was completely sold out and had a waiting list. Rave reviews from all the riders and just about every auditor is not on a waiting list to ride with him. This guy really is that good!

Eddo is fully devoted to dressage as a sport and as an art. He has competed internationally at FEI and nationally at Grand Prix. Eddo has trained with renowned coaches such as Robert Dover (USA) and currently rides with Walter Zettl (Canada). For those who try to clinic with Walter Zettl whenever possible, Walter (affectionately known as "WAZ") considers Eddo his clinician/trainer of choice for them between his clinics.

Other coaches that have a strong influence on his riding/training approach are Jan Kluijtmans (Holland), George Williams (USA), Anne Rawle (USA) and Rick Klaassen (Germany)

Because of his training approach he is a very sought after clinician both in Canada and abroad. When at home at the HDI training facility in Peterborough, Eddo works with his students and their horses.

Riders at all levels and on all types, breeds and ages of horses will benefit from Eddo's insights into creating a happy, forward, relaxed and willing horse. Riders will learn to work with their horses to form a partnership in the classical dance of dressage.

Eddo's auditor-friendly style makes it certain that auditors will bring away from his clinics almost as much as the riders. So, do not hesitate to join us to watch and learn.

Limited rider slots available - $165 per ride

Auditing - $15 per day or $50 for all four days. Bring a chair for auditing.

For more info contact Rebecca Pennington at rebecca@sonestafarms.com or visit www.sonestafarms.com

Dec. 28, 2009, 01:28 PM
Only a couple of riding slots left. So, if you are wanting to ride in this clinic, please contact me right away.

Jan. 20, 2010, 10:15 AM
So far, it looks like the weather may hold for us to have the clinic here at Sonesta Farms. If you are planning to come audit, either email me and put your name on the mailing list for the clinic to receive up to the minute input, or before you come, visit our website at www.sonestafarms.com/eddo.htm to find out if we'll be at Sonesta Farms or at TP Farms.