View Full Version : Working on four days a week

Oct. 14, 2009, 12:22 AM
I'm right in the middle now between transferring my horse from home to the boarding stable for the winter, and now that uni's started back up and the light's getting short I can really only ride my horse Friday, Sat, Sun, and Monday with some Thursdays thrown in for good measure. What do you recommend working on with him when I have the weird gap in the middle? I have trot poles but no fences. He's usually QUITE squirrelly on the Friday when he's had three days off.

Oct. 14, 2009, 01:16 AM
I am doing the same thing with my horse right now except its the opposite, ride M, T, W, Th and then she has a long weekend off. I thought there was NO WAY she was going to be able to cope with this schedule as she's a hotter horse that in the past has needed no more than one day off a week. I think it really depends on your horse's personality so play around with it and see what works for both of you. Here's what's been working for my mare.

Monday (first day after 3 days off) - My horse tends to "work up" she comes out lazy and then all of a sudden seems to wake up on you. I ride her just until she gets to the "wake up" point and then call it quits for the day. She came out and had to work but did not get to pick a fight with me.

Tuesday - Ride fairly hard on the flat, lots of bending lateral work, circles, anything to keep her guessing and make her pay attention.

Wednesday/Thursday - hack like we would on a "normal" schedule. My horse is just coming back from an injury and we haven't started jumping yet but when we do one of these days will be a jumping day. I'll also do some trot or canter poles on these days now.

Good luck, I'm interested to hear what ends up working for you!