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Oct. 9, 2009, 12:29 PM
Before I sold my horse after college, i was doing eventing and on the dressage team at Mt. Holyoke. After a small hiatus, I am hoping to get back into riding and perhaps showing. Some of my tack is back at a friends and long story short-- I think i need to get a new helmet.

What are people's thoughts on the new expensive helmets vs. just getting a velvet middle of the road helmet vs. the more sporty/nonvelvet helmets?

Thanks in advance!

Oct. 9, 2009, 01:08 PM
Get what fits best should be the number one requirement. After that, practicality should be a big part of it. If you aren't going to want to by a whole helmet wardrobe, I always then getting a skull cap like a Charles Owen J3 or Pro is the way to go, as you can dress them up for dressage with a decent black cover, but you can also have colored and/or custom covers for at home and xc. The kid in our barn has a pink Pro II that she wears for everything...at home she used the mesh cover it came with (so you can see the pink), she does dressage in a black velvet cover (which makes it look almost as good as a regular velvet helmet, and she gets by with it for her interschool hunter shows, too), and she got a great custom cover for xc for her birthday.

That's MY preference. Some people prefer velvet ones for everything and either don't cover them or do cover them (which I think looks kinda dorky). But the number 1 thing is that it has to fit well. Remember, the expensive ones are no more safer than the less expensive ones...they all go through the same testing.

PS- I prefer helmets with no brim or a very squishy brim, so avoid the plastic ones.

Oct. 9, 2009, 02:44 PM
I just had this discussion with one of my friends and we decided that it depends on your head/face shape.
I have an oval face/smaller head so charles-owen fit me best, but she has a rounder face/bigger head so GPA's fit her the best. I would go to a big tack shop and try on a bunch of helmets and find ones that comfortable.

As far as type, thats all up to you. I happen to have 2 helemts, the GR8 and the J3 (charles owen). My GR8 is for IHSA, dressage, show jumping. J3 for schooling and XC. Expensive does not mean that much safer. My charles owens are half the price of GPAs and they all have passed the same standards.

I agree with yellowbritches as far as avoiding the plastic ones. I think those are only for the kids that just started riding and their parents don't know how long they're going to stick with it.