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Oct. 4, 2009, 08:36 PM
I taught an Introductory Cross Country Clinic at Five County Stables in Zebulon on October 3rd. The weather was GORGEOUS!!!! We had a nice turnout, unfortuantely 3 riders were unable to ride due to soundness or other "horse" issues, but the riders that rode really enjoyed themselves, and all were "new" riders to me, which was encouraging to see young new faces starting into eventing! The format included an overview of rules/penalties, schooling individual fences and then letting each rider ride a short "course" on their own, and finally we worked on judging pace, on a measured length which was timed to help each ride learn what the correct pace felt like. The LOVELY course that Greg Hartrich has built rode beautifully, and after the clinic several riders stayed and schooled the course, or came after the clinic and brought horses to school. We are looking forward to the first horse trails on November 1. These photos were taken by one of my student that, unfortunately could not ride as her horse has an infection in his foot, but she took some great pics, there is one in particular, not an "action" shot, but sort of a black/white silouette that I think is worthy of publishing!! Enjoy the pics!


Oct. 4, 2009, 10:21 PM
The pics look GREAT! I wish we could have made it, but Gus is still recovering from the trim from hell and on top of that, he popped a splint playing in the pasture with his buddy! Sigh... If I can get him sound in short order, then I'll be sending in an entry for the HT, but if not, then we'll see you at the next one.