View Full Version : Define: Good Trail Horse

Oct. 3, 2009, 07:56 PM
Really, just what does it mean when we see ads that claim the horse for sale is this?
"Goes out alone, or in company" the ad may say. Or, "good husband horse".

Well, so does this mean the horse is wonderful as long as you only mosey along, maybe a little slow jog/trot?

Seems to me it isn't enough for a horse to be considered all around great unless he will also canter with company - and lots of it. How many horses have we all seen on large rides where everything is going wonderfully, only while everyone is grouped up and going slowly. Once the canter starts, that's where the fireworks begin with that same ol' Dobbin. Buck, run off, the rider is shed, chaos ensues.

So, seems to me a seller shouldn't advertise his horse unless it's solid at all three gaits, with or without company. Horses with no spook or fear of even flapping and crazy stuff, ties, stands, loads, tacks perfectly are a start - if he cannot be trusted to gallop in hand in groups, he shouldn't be touted as a finished great trail horse. JMO What do you all think? :)

Golden Pony
Oct. 3, 2009, 09:21 PM
Agreed! AND said horse should also: stand still or remain at current gait if others go galloping off into the sunset, and be willing to canter/trot AWAY from the group (if you need to go for help, etc.) Our goal with our horses whether we are in the ring or on the trail is that they stay in the gait you put them in until you ask for another. It's not an easy training task, but a vaulable one. Eventually you will have a mount that doesn't take off without you asking it to, nor do you have to keep clucking, kicking or batting to keep it going.